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The school website is a valuable resource for finding the information you need. Including archives of board minutes, calendars, frequently asked questions, and other important documents. If you have a comment or recommendation for the
school, please see the “Who to Contact” section of this handbook (p. . Frequently asked questions will be added to our website.


Social Media
While Bloomz and newsletters are used for communication with our families, SKTCS Facebook page will be our portal to push information out to the wider community.

At SKTCS we value positive and open communication. Therefore, all social media groups purporting to be associated with the Susie King Taylor Community School operate with the understanding that social media is a means of sharing
information, but is not useful in resolving conflict.
Families and employees may not create closed groups on social media using the school name or logo or by obtaining names from school directories or distribution lists.

The School and/or its representatives will not be able to respond to concerns raised on social media. Instead, in accordance with our conflict resolution process concerns should be directed to the person directly responsible for the outcome and if needed escalated from there.

The school will mainly communicate through email. Please ensure that your personal email remains current with the front office. If you have a question or concern about a specific issue please send an email to the appropriate party (See Who to Go to For What).

The school will at times utilize robo-calling or mass texting to send out important and emergent information. Please note that your information will remain private and will not intentionally be shared with any other parties. Therefore, it is
imperative that you keep your cell phone number and email up-to-date with the front office.


A school newsletter will be sent home on the first (non-holiday) Monday of the month. The newsletter will contain important information and dates that will be helpful to families.

Each individual teacher will also send home a weekly newsletter on Mondays. Teacher newsletters will detail what students are learning, reminders for projects and/or assessments, and invitations for volunteer opportunities.

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