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Conflict Resolution

In any community, conflict is inevitable. How we deal with that conflict as a community determines how resilient we are, and has a direct impact on our collective success. We understand that when our children are involved, those conflicts are extremely personal. The Governing Board and Administration of Susie King Taylor Community School both have the ultimate goal of our students’ well-being, and reserve the right to interpret school rules, guidelines, policies and personnel issues fairly, without retaliation, and with respect to all parties involved. We see conflict as a chance for growth and improvement. The steps in the conflict resolution and grievance policy reflect the Susie King Taylor Community School's values. We encourage staff, faculty, families and board members to model the behavior stated in the core values. Taking the courageous steps to utilize this process, and constructive conflict resolution practices, demonstrates transformative teaching and learning, developing the capacity for responsible choice and responsibility to others. 


Conflict Resolution. As is human nature, from time to time we will experience disagreements in our community. We invite adults to share their grievances through proper channels:

Step 1: Speak directly with the person (e.g. – parent, teacher, administrator) you have an issue with and attempt to come to an understanding.

Step 2: Invite a third-party to mediate at a second conference. If no resolution occurs, move to step 3.

Step 3: Arrange a meeting with the School Director where all parties will be present. If your grievance is with the School Director then you may arrange a meeting with the SKTCS Governing Board Clerk and/or another board member.

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