Susie King Taylor Community School



Volume I: September, 2021


“Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions.” – William Allin


Here’s what we have done...

In the Lower School (LS), we spent the first few weeks of SAGE developing skills in creativity and collaboration.  In addition to analyzing analogies, we completed word puzzles, REBUS puzzles, math puzzles, a Creative Problem Solving activity (it involved a cat-trap), and grid logic puzzles.  We are concluding our work on DeBono’s 6 Hats, and moving into our first official exploratory unit.  

The SAGE students in the Middle Grades Academy (MGA) began by exploring the concept of social justice.  After delving into the 5 tenets of social justice (access to resources, equity, participation, diversity, and human rights), students were asked to identify what they thought to be the most pressing issue we face today.  Education was the consensus in 7th grade, whereas the 8th graders concluded that the most pressing issue was shelter.  8th grade began researching the shelter system in Savannah, and are currently working on The Dove Project (more info. below!!).  The 7th graders have taken a winding path, analyzing the history of education in America (with an emphasis on its impact on minority groups), examining the 13th amendment, and exploring what various leaders and poets have said on the topic of education.  We have studied everyone from Dudley Randall to Tupac Shakur!

Here’s what’s coming up…

2nd: Science and creativity go hand in hand when developing...a solar oven!  Students will conduct research on Mars, temperature, and  thermodynamics.  Using the Scientific Method, we will create, test, and modify our oven in order to cook S’mores!

3rd: The students and I will definitely be getting our steps in as we explore Historical Markers in Savannah.  We will develop and use skills in geography and analysis as we delve into history!

4th: The 4th graders will get to flex their creative muscles as they design, test, and modify their mousetrap cars!  It’s not all just fun and games, though.  This unit is heavy in math and science.  Graphs, velocity, and simple machines - oh, my!

5th: The 5th graders are going to be billionaires when they grow up!  (I bet that got your attention!!).  We are going to play the Stock Market Game, but learning about companies, stocks, trading, and creating a diverse financial portfolio is definitely no game.

7th: The 7th graders will also be participating in the Stock Market Game.  They will be competing against other 7th graders across the country to end up with the most money in the end.  The money isn’t real, but the stocks and knowledge are!  Research, analysis, and collaboration will be key.

8th: The ladies of 8th grade SAGE are the Directors of the Dove Project, a venture that seeks to partner with the Magdalene House for Women and Children, a subset of Union Mission, to bring literacy to the children staying in their shelter.  They are still in the research and proposal-creating phase, but once they have completed their initial work, the ladies plan to present to the Board of Directors and secure funding for their library.

Please be looking for further information on how you can support the SAGE students.  We will be needing various supplies (such as old CD’s), and as always, if you have a question, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at nikole.baker@sktcs.org  . - Ms. Baker