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February 12, 2021


Good Afternoon SKTCS Families,

We are very excited to welcome back our in-person learners on Tuesday February 16, 2021. All families who selected to be in-person in December have been sent an updated informational email regarding the return to school. As was announced in January, we are returning to a 5-day model, with no asynchronous Wednesday. That means learning with your teacher, whether in-person or at home, will occur on Wednesdays. 


There will be no changes to the daily schedule. Therefore, other than attending on Wednesdays,  our virtual learners should not experience any changes to their schedule. 


Transportation has been arranged for the families who elected for transportation in December. If you missed that survey you may always sign-up for transportation with Ms. Q at Since we pay per rider for buses, we ask that you only sign-up if you are going to use the buses daily. Although you may submit your request at any time, we will only update bus lists on the last day of each month. We ask that only in-person students submit requests. Additionally, while the SCCPSS transportation department can help you with routing and bus schedules,  only Ms. Q. can add or remove a child from the bus. So, please contact her if you need assistance.


In-person learners may have 3 unexcused absences before they are returned to the virtual learning setting.



Students who cannot follow our safety procedures will receive one warning before they are returned to the virtual learning setting. 



At this time we are at capacity for in-person learning. We will make another announcement if and when we are able to accept more students in-person. 


Change of Heart?

If you can safely and adequately continue learning from home we recommend that you do so. If you signed-up for in-person learning and would like to switch to virtual please let me know ASAP. 


And as a reminder- there is no school on Monday for students in observance of President's Day.


If you have any questions, please email me at


Have a safe and enjoyable weekend,

Dr. Chattin 

October 2020

Phase II Learning Models

Kindergarten - 2nd - Two Days Live Instruction/ Three Days Independent Instruction


K - 2, 3-5, and MGA students with Intensive Needs students (Tier 3 or academic IEPs) - Four days of live instruction


Grades 6 & 7 General Education (Tier 1) and all families who are opting into the Virtual Education model - Virtual



K-2 student full return will be reconsidered once CTI levels are in the yellow.


MGA will return to campus once renovations on the student restrooms are completed.

On-Campus Learners


School starts at 9 am. Your student may arrive as early as 8:30 am, but no later than 8:50 am. Students who arrive after 9 am will be sent home to be a virtual student for the day. Students should come with a clean mask, a water bottle, their technology device in a neoprene sleeve w/charger, and a lunch each day.

Upon arrival your student will be asked a series of health questions and have their temperature checked before being allowed to exit the car or enter the building. Any student with a temperature higher than 99.0 degrees will not be allowed to enter the building.


Car line entrance is on 33rd street across from the fire station. You will enter there and be directed into lanes to drop off your students. A school employee will meet your student at their car door, ask questions, and take their temperature before letting your student exit the car. Please arrive with 20 minutes to spare and a ton of patience. Cars exit onto Bull Street. Please take care to watch for pedestrians as you exit.


Kindergarten students may enter the building from the white doors on the 34th street. They may also enter from the car line.


Walkers may enter the building via the Bus Ramp, which is on the patio on the 34th street side of the school building. Parents may not park on the school-side of the street. That is the bus ramp where the buses load and unload. Instead, please park on the playground side of the street and use the crosswalk to safely escort your student across the street. Please do not encourage students to jaywalk and/or stop traffic to drop-off your students.


Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to enter the building under any circumstances. If a student must be picked up early, the parent will need to call to let us know that they are outside the front door and we will bring the student to meet their families.



We have recorded that your student Please complete this form to let us know how your student will be getting home from school.


Food and Transportation

Breakfast, lunch and transportation will NOT be provided.



Some students have been assigned to Tutorials. Due to having to finalize logistics, we will push back the start of Tutorials to October 15th. Most tutorials will take place after school until 5:30. If you think your child will need after care, sign-up and then you can withdraw. Most students in grades 3 - 7 have been assigned to Tutorials. You will learn if your student has been assigned and which day(s) they are to attend by Monday October 5th. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Reminders -

  • Students must eat breakfast before coming to school, bring a lunch, and a water bottle each day as water fountains will be decommissioned.

  • All students and teachers will be required to wear a clean and different mask everyday.

  • Students must bring their device daily in a neoprene sleeve.

  • If your student did not get a device, they will be assigned a device to use at school. Please make sure to tell your teacher if you would like your student to leave the device at school instead of bringing it home.

  • There will be no communal sharing of property or materials. Only teachers will be allowed to touch the water system, pencil sharpener, and other materials generally accessible for student use. Students will have access only to what is in their desk/pencil case/seat sack/book bag. If a teacher gives an item to a student it is theirs to keep.

  • Students will eat lunch in their classroom.

  • Students have been assigned a technology device that is theirs for the school year. They are to use the same device all year.

  • There will be no before or after school activities until further notice.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What supplies will my student need: Please check the Parent Portal on our website. Passwords: Doves

  • Will students have specials? Yes

  • Will students have recess? A non-traditional recess will be provided. A movement break, nature walk, or game time will occur. No one will be allowed on the playground at this time.

  • Will there be before and after care? Before and After care will begin on October 5th.

  • Will we get to choose our in-person day? No, but all siblings will be assigned to the same day.



Before/Aftercare for Lower School students (grades K - 5)

Before and After Care begins Monday, October 5th. Register Here. Payment for before/aftercare will be done through invoices sent at the end of the week (Fridays). If you previously signed up & paid for the program, we have transferred your registration and you will receive an email confirming dates your child will attend.


Program Details

  • Available for students K-5 & only days your child will be in school

  • $10 for morning or afternoon, $20 for the day

  • Food & Snacks will not be provided, please send your child with a sufficient amount of food for the day

  • All staff will wear masks & follow COVID protocols

Before School Care

  • Before School Care begins at 6:30 AM, if you arrive earlier than 6:15, staff will not be there to receive your child.

  • You may not enter the building. Please wait with your student at the cafeteria door until the check-in procedures are complete.


After School

  • After Care ends at 6:00 PM, late fees will be added to invoices for consecutive late pick ups.

  • No show fee - unless it is communicated with our staff, registering & not attending will incur a late fee.


Please email Courtney Cawley at if you need assistance in the registration process or have any questions. We look forward to working with your child(ren) this year!



Daily Health Screenings & Symptom Monitoring

  • All students and staff who report on-campus must self-monitor their symptoms at home and not come to school if they are experiencing any COVID19 symptoms including, but not limited to, fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea.

  • Also, even if a student or staff member isn’t experiencing symptoms themselves, they should also stay at home if they have come in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COIVD-19 within the past 14 days.

  • At the beginning of the school day, students and staff will complete and sign a daily health affidavit before being admitted into the building.

  • Social Distancing Measures

  • Entrances and exits during arrival and dismissal will be appropriately marked to allow for proper social distancing.

  • Classrooms will be rearranged to maximize the square footage and distance students and teachers.

  • All students will have their own workspaces outfitted with a clear desk barrier

  • During transitions, students will follow floor markings in order to keep a safe distance from each other while traveling throughout the building.

  • Students who cannot follow safety procedures will be transitioned to virtual-only students.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • While on campus, all students and staff will be required to properly wear a face mask.

  • We are prepared to provide masks if someone has forgotten one.


All other procedures can be found here.


  • Every child needs to bring their school device everyday in the neoprene sleeve and headphones.

  • If you do not need it at home, please leave it at school.

  • Students will not be able to bring personal devices to school.

  • Students will not be able to transport devices without the protective neoprene sleeve.

Virtual Learners

K - 2 Students:


1. Will be expected to log-on to their Zoom for morning circle every Monday - Friday morning from 9 -4. Attendance will be taken at 9:05.


2. K-2 virtual students will be assigned to two virtual direct instruction learning days. You will receive those specific days from your homeroom teacher. Students will be online from 9 am to 4 pm with breaks for lunch and recess.


3. On the other 3 days your student will be expected to complete independent assignments and log-in for Opening Circle, Specials, and Tier Time.


*Your teacher will be in touch with which days you are assigned to be online.



Grades 3 - 7 Students:


1. Students in grades 3 - 7 will be expected to continue to log-on to the Zoom provided by their teacher no later than 9 am Monday - Friday.


2. Third - Seventh grade students will be expected to watch the live-streamed lesson and participate from home Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.


3. On Wednesdays students will be expected to log-in for Opening Circle, specials, and Tier Time.



By choosing to remain a virtual student you are agreeing that you, the parent/guardian, are willing to assume the role of ensuring that students log-on as expected. Virtual students are still expected to adhere to state Compulsory Attendance requirements. Failure to attend virtual classes may trigger a social worker referral and initiate a truancy plan.

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