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Dress Code


  • Any color, any pattern

  • Shirts can be sleeveless (ex. tank tops), cold shoulders are permitted, but spaghetti straps are prohibited.



  • Any color, any pattern

  • Shorts/dresses must be mid-thigh or longer

  • Leggings/tights may be worn under skirts/shorts, but may not be worn as pants



  • Can be any color, but must be rubber-soled, flat, and must have a strap behind the ankle. 

  • Flip-flops, thonged sandals, athletic sandals or slides, clogs , mules, , or any similarly styled shoe is inappropriate due to safety concerns.

  • Shoes may not light up or emit sound.


General Appearance:

  • Ripped jeans are permissible as long as no skin is visible through the tears/rips from the knee up.

  • No hats or hoods inside

  • No distracting accessories (Blinking lights, themed headbands, etc.,)


Book bags:

Students should bring a backpack/book bag or tote bag daily.  They may be made of any material and do not need to be mesh or clear.



Purses may only be carried to the restroom in grades 3 and up. They must otherwise be stowed away with backpacks during the day.

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