Have a question about the classroom? (grades, tests, schedules, behavior, peer relationship, recess, curriculum, etc). Ask your teacher! 
Need additional support for your student or family?
Ask Dean of Social Emotional Learning, Mrs. Sandra Hardy: DSEL@sktcs.org
How about clarification on enrollment, absences, student records, communications, mailing, lunch orders or calendar?
Ask Front Office Manager, Mrs. Q: frontoffice@sktcs.org
Need information on school procedures, conflict or grievances between families and teachers or families and families, student suspension, community liaisons, volunteers, or questions regarding implementation of mission and vision? 
Ask School Director Dr. Chattin: director@sktcs.org
Have questions about school policy (note: this is different from school procedures)? 
Ask the clerk of the board's Governance Committee: goverance@sktcs.org
Need support navigating the school Conflict Resolution & Grievances Policy? 
Ask the Grievance Coordinator: grievances@sktcs.org
School lunches on your mind?
Ask Nicole Black: nicole.black@sccpss.com, 912-395-5235
Transportation questions or clarifications?
Call 912-395-5591

For further clarification , please see pages 27-33 of the Family Handbook. 

Still have a question? We're happy to help! Send us a message here.
Read answers to questions asked by others here.

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