Our instructional models are student-centered, collaborative, active, and discovery driven. At SKTCS students are supported to form and explore their own questions, conduct real experiments, read books they love, work on teams to solve problems, and spend time diving deep into their personal interests.​



Place Based Education immerses students in local heritage, cultures, landscapes, opportunities and experiences that blur the lines between school and real life. Our students learn through the Constructivist approach where knowledge is created through experience - not passively absorbed. 


Our students participate in Field Experiences that provide opportunities to connect students to their community through cross-curricular study. Additionally, students invest in their communities by participating in service-learning projects that embody how communities and people are interdependent.


All of our school community members (e.g. - students, teachers, and parents) learn conflict resolution skills to learn self-regulation, meditation, and to participate in mediation. We emphasize acting with kindness - even when you disagree. 


Project-Based Learning starts with a real-world problem that students use interdisciplinary studies to identify, research and solve. Students make a hypothesis and present a solution through a hands-on approach that uses all of the resources they have available to them.