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Governing Board 

Susie King Taylor Community School is a Charter School serving grades kindergarten through eighth grades. Its charter is upheld by the administrative team, teaching staff, stakeholders, & governing board members of Susie King Taylor Community School. The school is managed under the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) along with The State Board of Education (SBOE). The day-to-day operations fall under the authority of the School Director and administrative team and are delegated to the teaching staff.


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Governance Committee

Responsibilities are to ensure the board is governing effectively and revitalizing itself. It is the responsible for providing leadership for board education, ensuring a strategically composed board is in place to govern the institution, nominating candidates for officer positions and committee membership, nominating and orienting new board members, ensuring an effective governance structure, and ensuring an effective board self-assessment process.


Governance Committee Meetings
Third Thursday, · 5:30 – 7:30pm
Time zone: America/New_York
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Or dial: ‪(US) +1 720-500-3682‬ PIN: ‪280 209 549‬#

Finance & Facilities Committee

Responsible for creating the upcoming fiscal year budget; presenting budget recommendations to the Board; monitoring implementation of the approved budget on a regular basis and recommending proposed budget revisions; recommending to the Board appropriate policies for the management of the charter school’s assets. Assists and advises the Board regarding its responsibility for oversight of SKTCS buildings and facility safety.

Student Success Committee

Provides appropriate board oversight of the academic program by ensuring that the school’s educational program is positively impacting student achievement and by raising strategic academic issues for board discussion.


Student Success Meetings
Fourth Thursday, · 3:45 – 4:45pm
Time zone: America/New_York
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Or dial: ‪(US) +1 636-495-1538‬ PIN: ‪195 071 252‬#

Development and Outreach Committee

Provides leadership, strategic direction, oversight, and accountability for the board’s fundraising, and grant activities. This group also works to create connections between SKTCS and surrounding communities.

Development & Outreach Committee Meetings 
Third Wednesday, · 1:00 – 2:00pm
Time zone: America/New_York
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Or dial: ‪(US) +1 585-491-8308‬ PIN: ‪685 189 585‬#

Executive Committee

Responsibilities are to act on behalf of the board on urgent issues when the full board is not able to meet, and to lead the performance evaluation process for the School Director.




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