Susie King Taylor Community School (SKTCS) is a charter school seeking trailblazing educators to help students become curious, leaders of their learning. We are searching for creative, collaborative, innovative teachers who will help build a school around a rich culture of learning and community.


Seeking full-time teachers to begin November 2020:

  • Kindergarten

  • Second Grade


Our Mission

Susie King Taylor Community School seeks to cultivate a vibrant, academically challenging learning community that celebrates each individual's gifts and instills in students a sense of stewardship as members of the Savannah community and as citizens of the world. Through experiential learning that emphasizes both quiet reflection and group collaboration, we empower students to critically examine the world and activate their capacity for creating lasting positive change.


Our Core Values:

Transformative Teaching and Learning - Transformative relationships between teachers and students provide the environment within which teachers challenge their students to hold themselves to high academic standards, to demonstrate mastery over their learning, and to develop lifelong habits of scholarship and intellectual curiosity. All students will be supported in choosing and designing some learning experiences. The result is a learner who understands both the content and process of learning.


Creating a Peaceful School Learning Environment - To act responsibly, peacefully and with personal integrity, students must know, value, and respect themselves and others.


Unity in Diversity - We recognize that diversity in people, beliefs, and knowledge enriches learning through the exploration, understanding, and appreciation of differences and the power of affirming common ground.


Responsibility to Others - Our shared fate and social responsibility leads us to practice good stewardship in all our daily actions and decisions.


Our Instructional Model

At SKTCS students are at the center of a dynamic and collaborative learning and discovery process. Students are encouraged to explore topics from multiple perspectives and develop creative solutions to unsolved problems. Teachers are empowered to build lasting and meaningful relationships with students and their families/guardians through small teacher-student ratios. Teachers will draw on students’ passions and learning preferences and work with parents and our community to create a responsive education that cultivates the whole child -- intellectually, socially, and emotionally.  SKTCS employs Place-Based Education, which immerses students in cross-disciplinary topics rooted in local heritage, cultures, landscapes, opportunities and experiences. Academic experiences will emphasize personalization of student learning through competency-based learning (also referred to a mastery or proficiency learning) and will bring the world into the classroom with field trips, mentorships, live and virtual guest speakers, and more. SKTCS is committed to helping students discover their interests and strengths. 


Desired Traits

●       Meet varied demands with integrity, enthusiasm, creativity, flexibility, and a sense of humor

●       Participate in collaborative work with colleagues in the classroom and throughout the school

●       Experience teaching lower school age children (5 to 10 year olds)

●       Strong understanding of early childhood development

●       Rich repertoire of teaching strategies to address a variety of learning styles and needs

●       Understands how to use assessment of and for learning

●       Proficiency with digital communication and ability to integrate technology effectively in the classroom

●       Ability to foster positive relationships with and among students and parents

●       An understanding of and strong affinity for the school’s mission and core values

●       Ability to provide educational experiences that include diverse cultures and backgrounds

●       Commitment to continuous professional learning, including understanding and application of current research and participation in professional development opportunities

●       Strong writing and communication skills



  • Hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, preferably in elementary or early childhood education

  • Have already obtained or are in the process of obtaining certification related to the position for which you are applying

  • Gifted certification strongly preferred


How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to hr@sktcs.org, and should also submit an application through the Savannah Chatham County Public School System: https://www.applitrack.com/sccpss/onlineapp/default.aspx. Review of resumes will begin immediately. SKTCS reserves the right to close the recruitment at any time; candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as all materials can be compiled. Questions about the position may be directed to hr@sktcs.org.


Teachers will be “at-will” contracted employees of Susie King Taylor Community School.


It is the policy of Susie King Taylor Community School to provide educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, citizen status, age, marital status, disability, prior record of arrest or conviction (except as provided by law), sexual orientation, gender (sex), and to maintain an environment free of discriminatory harassment, including sexual harassment, or retaliation as required by civil rights law.