The Next Generation of Stewardship

SKTCS’s core values include:

  • Transformative Teaching and Learning - Transformative relationships between teachers and students provide the environment within which teachers challenge their students to hold themselves to high academic standards, to demonstrate mastery over their learning, and to develop lifelong habits of scholarship and intellectual curiosity.

  • Develop Capacity for Responsible Choice - To act responsibly, peacefully and with personal integrity, students must know, value, and respect themselves and others.

  • Unity in Diversity - We recognize that diversity in people, beliefs, and knowledge enriches learning through the exploration, understanding, and appreciation of differences and the power of affirming common ground.

  • Responsibility to Others - Our shared fate and social responsibility leads us to practice good stewardship in all of our daily actions and decisions.

Our Model 

We leave traditional textbooks and basals behind. We draw from the resources of our natural surroundings and use our neighbors' skills and talents to enhance our classroom learning.

Our instructional models are student-centered, collaborative, active, and discovery driven. At SKTCS students are supported to form and explore their own questions, conduct real experiments, read books they love, work on teams to solve problems, and spend time diving deep into their personal interests.​

Place-Based Education (PBE)

PBE immerses students in local heritage, cultures, landscapes, opportunities and experiences that blur the lines between school and real life. These experiences connect students to their community and offer a foundation for curricular-study. Students participate in service-learning projects as a way to learn about how communities and people are interconnected.

Peaceful Education

By creating a Peaceful School learning environment all participants in the school community will learn conflict resolution skills and demonstrate self-actualizations well as respect for and kindness towards each other.

Learner as Designer

All students will be supported in choosing and designing learning experiences that are self-initiated, self-directed, and self-paced, giving the students the ability to choose how, when and where they learn. The end result is a learner who demonstrates mastery of content and excitement to learn.


Community and Student-Centered Education

Writing/English/Language Arts/Reading (WELAR)​

We believe that students become better readers when they are exposed to authentic literature. Our students use novels and tradebooks to explore multiple genres, good reading/writing habits, and a love of literacy through Lucy Calkins' Reading and Writing Workshops.

We utilize Orton-Gillingham to assist all students with word attack and decoding skills to become more fluent readers and we monitor their literacy benchmarks with Fountas and Pinnell reading assessments, 


At SKTCS our students learn using the Go! Math Program. Go! Math is a K-8 comprehensive approach that supports teachers in differentiating instruction for students from remediation to enrichment. Go! Math employs a 5E instructional model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate and provides students with multiple opportunities to "get it right." 

Social Studies​

Our place-based approach to Social Studies begins with the Georgia Standards of Excellence for each grade level. Teachers use the standards to find local opportunities for students to go out and experience history, economics, government, culture and geography. 


Our constructivist (project-based) approach to science encourages students ask questions, form hypotheses, and conduct experiments to confirm or revise their original hypotheses. Science is often combined with Social Studies for an interdisciplinary adventure into learning!


We use both formative (in-process) and summative (end-of-unit) assessments to ensure that our students are obtaining and retaining information. 

For example, during the course of a year our students will complete portfolio entries, writing pieces, projects, presentations, art exhibits, science experiments, as well as traditional paper and pencil tests.

SKTCS students take MAP tests and Fountas and Pinnell reading assessments to track independent reading growth each trimester as well as end-of-grade GMAS testing starting in 3rd Grade. 

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