Parent Emails

November 6, 2020

Good Afternoon SKTCS Families!!


We hope that you have enjoyed another week at SKTCS. A few reminders as we head off into the weekend:


1. Please complete the Fall Family Survey so that we can use the findings for our strategic planning and accreditation. 


2. If you would like your student to attend after care for a day or a week please be sure to sign-up using the link. Please do not send children to after care if you have not signed-up. If it is an emergency and you know you are running late, simply use this link to sign your kid up, let us know to send them to after care, and pay your $10 at the door when you pick-up. 


3. Please make sure you are staying up-to-date with the most recent information by reading The Dove's Nest - our monthly newsletter. The Dove's Nest has everything you need to know to stay informed and involved! 


4. As a reminder, families can go into PowerSchool and check their students' grades at any time. Your student's grades should be accurate and the most up-to-date every Monday morning. Grades should never be a surprise. If you are finding that your student is missing grades or averages aren't quite adding up, please contact Dr. Chattin at

5. And, finally, just a reminder that there is NO SCHOOL (Virtual or otherwise) on Wednesday in observance of the Veteran's Day holiday. 


Have a great weekend!

Dr. Chattin

October 25, 2020

Good Evening SKTCS families,


A few reminders for this week and next:

K -5 Character Parade

The annual Lower School Character Parade will take place on Friday. Of course, as with everything this year, it will be slightly different. Students will be invited to wear their costumes on Friday the 30th all day for their live lessons. 

Families can watch the Zoom from home. Virtual students may participate in a class parade if the teacher organizes one. 

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 769 8415 8957
Passcode: Umj8CV


Please note that the School Parade will be an open Zoom and that we cannot control who has access. Therefore, families who do not wish for their student to be broadcasted, you may wish to have your student participate in the class "parade" or not at all. Please let your teacher know your desires.


MGA Drive-In

The Drive-In movie originally scheduled for this Thursday will need to be rescheduled for later quarter. Please look forward to more information from the Fundraising and Events Branch of The Aviary. 


No School

Please mark your calendars. Tuesday November 3rd so that our staff may go exercise their civic duty. Additionally, as a reminder, Wednesday November 4th is an independent learning day. There will be no students on campus on either of those days.


There is also no school (virtually or in-person) for students on Wednesday November 11th due to the Veteran's Day holiday.


Have a great evening,

Dr. Chattin

October 23, 2020

Good Evening SKTCS Families,


This evening you probably received a phone call and an email from SCCPSS regarding their plans for Phase 3. As a reminder, as a charter school we are not under the district's leadership. Therefore, the plans that they share do not impact our student body. Please disregard the message in its entirety. Nothing is changing with our schedule, bell times, or (unfortunately) transportation. We will continue with the schedule that we have been operating under since October 6th. 


I know how confusing this can be and apologize for any inconvenience. We will continue to work with the district to remove charter families from their mass communications. If you have any questions, please contact your teacher.


Have a great weekend,

Dr. Chattin

October 18, 2020

Good Day SKTCS Families,


I hope you are doing well!. We've made it through 1/4th of the school year. Although we have no idea what the rest of the school year holds, what we do know is "Our Futures Are Brighter When We Stick Together." We need each other to survive this abnormal year. Below you will find ways to get involved and ways to find answers to your questions (this is an abbreviated version of what is in the handbook that has been emailed and is always available on the Parent Portal at


Who to Contact? 



Your classroom teacher is typically your first stop for information.  SKTCS employees may be contacted through their SKTCS emails.  The format of emails is

Please allow 24 business hours to pass for a returned phone call or email. Additionally, contacting them about school business on their personal devices, phones, homes, and/or email accounts is a violation of their agreement with their school. 

Teachers can answer questions regarding:

  • grades

  • tests

  • schedules

  • behavior

  • peer relationships

  • recess

  • curriculum

  • lunch activities

Meeting with the teacher

 Conferences can be scheduled during the teacher’s planning time during the school day, before and after school during the teacher’s contractual hours as long as they don’t interfere with mandatory school meetings or duties the teacher must attend. Teachers will respond to your request within 24 hours and plan to meet with you within 48 hours of your request. If you are experiencing difficulty getting a response from an employee in a timely manner, please contact the School Director.

Dean of Social Emotional Learning -  Mrs. Sandra Hardy  (

  • Assess and address the assets and needs of students, families, and SKTCS personnel in order to utilize our community’s strengths. 

  • Provides Direct Services / Service Delivery 

  • Successfully implement crisis interventions, home visits, conflict resolution, Second Step, and individual and group counseling as determined by the school. 

  • Identify and initiate mental-health and behavioral services for students and their families as needed.

  • Provide school-wide support to assist in the identification of students in need of RTI services, implementation of interventions, and coordination of SST meetings.

  •  Is the 504 Coordinator

        What is the difference between a 504 and an IEP?


Math Interventionist - Ms. Tanika Johnson  (

The Math Interventionist/MTSS coordinator has the following responsibilities: 

  • Multi-tiered Systems of Support

  • Provide school-wide support to assist in the identification of students in need of math MTSS interventions in Tiers 1-3.

  • Implementation of math interventions and math progress monitoring for Tiers 1 - 3.

  • Coordination of Student Support Team meetings. 

  • Coordinator of all MTSS plans relating to Math

  • Teacher Coach


Dean of Lower School/Reading Coach - Mrs. Yanis Medina (

The Reading Coach/MTSS coordinator has the following responsibilities: 

  • Multi-tiered Systems of Support

  • Provide school-wide support to assist in the identification of students in need of reading MTSS interventions in Tiers 1-3.

  • Implementation of reading  interventions and reading progress monitoring for Tiers 1 - 3.

  • Coordination of Student Support Team meetings. 

  • Coordinator of all academic MTSS plans

  • Teacher Coach

  • Testing Coordinator


Gifted Education - Ms. Erica Scalmato (

If you have a question  about your student’s gifted contract, would like to have your student evaluated for gifted, or would like to schedule a meeting regarding your student’s official gifted identification please contact Ms. Scalmato.


Special Education

If you have a question about your student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), would like to have your student evaluated, or would like to schedule an amendment meeting please contact: 

Grades K - 3: Ms. Breana Brown  (

Grades 4 -5: Ms. Sherrylynn Burney (  

Grades 6-7: Mrs. Kisha McRae- Kennedy (


Business and Operations Manager - Mrs. Quiana Aikens (

 The Director of Business and Operations serves as a member of the Administration Team and enables instructional leaders and staff to focus on student achievement:

  • Technology

  • Transportation - 912 - 395 - 5591

  • Nutritional Services (Ms. Nicole Black ( 912 - 395- 5235)


Administrative Assistant - Ms. Calandra Ervin (

The Front Office Manager Can Assist With:

  • Enrollment

  • Withdrawal

  • Demographic Update (e.g. - phone numbers, addresses, email, etc)

  • Absences (notification of and excuses for), Early Dismissal

  • Student Records/Transcripts

  • Messages for students/teachers

  • School Director’s Calendar

  • Directing entities to the right party

  • School calendar/schedule

  • PowerSchool (directions can also be found in the Parent Portal)


School Director - Dr. Latrisha Chattin (

The School Director Can Assist With:

  • Answering questions about policies or procedures if the classroom teacher or other directly responsible employee cannot provide an answer.

  • Conflict and/or official grievances between families and teachers or families and families

  • Student suspensions

  • Questions regarding implementation of mission and vision

  • Volunteerism


Governing  Board - Grievance Coordinator (

The Governing Board oversees compliance with the charter contract,  school policy and supervision of the School Director. 

The Governing Board can assist with:

  • Grievances regarding school policy (School Director oversees school procedures).

  • Support navigating the school Conflict Resolution and Grievance Policy.

  • Discussing serving on a committee, task group, or joining the Governing Board.



Interested in Getting Involved?


The Aviary 

Click Here to Join

We are revitalizing our Family/Faculty Volunteer Association with a fancy new name - The Aviary. 

An aviary is a peaceful place where birds gather. As our mascot is the Peace Dove, we felt this was an appropriate name for a group of stakeholders who support our students.

The Aviary will allow families and SKTCS faculty and staff to participate in school culture through volunteerism in classrooms, fundraising, event planning, and other aspects of school culture.

Continuing the theme and with reverence to the Olive Branch that represents peace, our committees will be called Branches. 

Calling all Stakeholders. Please lend your time and talents to help in one of the following areas:


Fundraisers and Events 

Committee Chair: Krista Roach


This committee will be focused on planning and executing opportunities to bring the community together through activities that raise funds for student needs.

For example, school dances, the fall festival, book fair, Picture Day, Yearbook, Spirit Wear, Spirit Nights, and school assemblies. 


Classroom Support Branch

Committee Chair: TBD


This committee will support our school staff by assisting with fundraisers to provide class supplies, organizing room parents to plan parties or assist the teacher with communication, Teacher Appreciation events, and creating a supportive classroom community for adults and students. 


Community Partnerships and Volunteers Branch

Committee Chair: TBD

 This committee will seek opportunities and connections between the school and members of our  local business community for a symbiotic relationship. We would hope that our community partners would support our school through mentorships, internships within and outside of the school. 

The Community Partnerships and Volunteer Branch will also coordinate volunteer training (i.e. - Beacon) and find opportunities for volunteerism within the school. 


Family Engagement Branch

Committee Chair: Lea Jones


The Family Engagement committee supports and encourages the participation of families in regular two-way and meaningful involvement in their student’s academic and social experience at school. 


Looking forward to joining you in partnership!

Best Regards, 

Dr. Chattin 



October 15, 2020

Dear SKTCS Families,


We have a couple of projects we need your help with: 


1. There is a family that would like to start a garden on campus. The problem is that we have no water sources. So, we are looking for a few partners to help brainstorm these issues and to rotate responsibilities of planting and tending in a COVID-safe way. If you are interested in participating in this project (bonus points if you know anything about rain barrels) please contact Mrs. Jacqueline Harber at


2. Our MGA students are beginning to pick-up their Social Justice curriculum with vigor. We are looking for speakers to present to the students virtually. These speakers should:


a. Have a presence in Savannah or Georgia as a community change agent.

b. Be able to share about how they have become inspired to pursue their passion.

c. Guide our students with similar interests to how they, too, can become change agents in their communities. 

d. Be able to commit to 1 or more 45 minute sessions. 


If you know a person who fits the above description, please email Mrs. Hardy at


Best Regards, 

Dr. Chattin 

October 5, 2020

I don't know about you, but we had an awesome first day here on-campus. A few notices:

1. We have food!!! Breakfast and lunch will be served free to all students on both campuses through December. If your child needs breakfast or lunch please tell them to grab one from the adult doing check-in in front of the car line doors (near the bathrooms). We will only distribute at this time, so make sure they know to grab one. 

2. Drop-Off

If you have a student at MGA, please pick them up and drop them off first. This will alleviate some of the pressure in the car line. Also, starting tomorrow we will start drop-off at 8:20 am. If car line is taking too long for you, please consider being a walker. The line moves much faster. 

3. Thanks for your patience. As with all transitions there are minor glitches. Today was the second first day of the 2020 -21 school year. We appreciate your gratitude and positive attitude as everyone here is working double-time to make things work. 

4. If you signed-up for your student to be on-campus and you would like them to be virtual, please let THE OFFICE know by emailing  Teachers cannot change your student's status. 

That's all for now and have a great evening!

Best Regards, 

Dr. Chattin

September 16, 2020

Dear SKTCS families,

We thank you for your patience and participation in this Virtual school environment. As the School Director and parent of two Lower School students enrolled in our school, I can empathize with what many of us are feeling right now.  It truly takes a village!


On Wednesday September 16th, 2020  the SCCPSS School District agreed to begin phasing in on-campus learning, which means we now have access to nutritional services and perhaps very limited transportation. While we have always had the authority to reopen, without these two things we would be leaving some children behind. Even now we acknowledge that not all families will be able to participate at their level of comfortability. 


Recently, we distributed a survey to gauge family interest in returning to school. The survey determined that 62% of families were in favor of returning, while 75% of faculty are in favor of returning in some capacity.


That said, we are ready to begin bringing students back to campus. At this time a few assurances/clarifications:

  1. We are dedicated to students keeping their same teacher and not switching homerooms. 

  2. If you choose to remain a virtual student for now, the model that we are currently using will cease to exist. Virtual students will both watch live-streaming lessons of their teacher(s) on Zoom and submit their work via the SeeSaw or Google Classroom platform they currently use.



To understand the Instructional Models presented below you may need the following definitions:


Tier 1 - Identified Gifted students and General Education Students (students without IEPs) 


Intensive Needs - Tier 3/ students and students with academic IEPs


Tier 3 - Students who are receiving intensive interventions (you would have been notified by Mrs. Medina or Ms. Johnson if your student is Tier 3.


IEP - Individualized Education Plan. Students who are served by the education teachers; Ms. Brown, Ms. Burney, and/or Mrs. Kennedy


The following model is being presented to the SKTCS School Board for a vote of support on Monday September 21, 2020 at 7 pm. Directions to listen in to the meeting will appear on our website at by Friday afternoon. 



Instructional Model Groupings:

Hybrid - Kindergarten through Second Grade General Education (Tier 1) students. Due to space restrictions in the lower grade classrooms, students will be in either Cohort A or Cohort B. All students will be grouped with siblings.

Cohort A: Monday/Tuesday in school, Wednesday - Friday are virtual at home

Cohort B: Thursday/Friday in school, Monday - Wednesday are virtual at home. 


On-Campus: Grades 3 - 5, K - 2 and Sixth and Seventh grade students with Intensive Needs students (Tier 3 or academic IEPs)

Cohort C: On Campus Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Virtual on Wednesday. 


Virtual: Grades 6 & 7 General Education (Tier 1) and all families who are opting into the Virtual Education model.

Cohort D: Virtual - a combination of live-streamed lessons and virtual assignments. 


K-2 student full return will be reconsidered once CTI levels are in the yellow. 

MGA will return to campus once renovations on the student restrooms are completed. 


To prepare for a safe return to school, we will need very detailed information about your family's preferences and situations. Please complete the following survey for all of your students enrolled at SKTCS by Monday September 21st at noon.  


Please note that at this time NO FAMILY who feels uncomfortable will be required to return to school. We are maintaining a virtual option. 


If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at


Yours Truly,

Dr. Chattin 




August 24, 2020

Good Evening Parents,

We trust that Week 2 has started off without a hitch. We are so glad to have you with us and to be afforded to participate in authentic teaching and learning that is aligned with our school’s innovations and models.



For the next two weeks or so, your student will be participating in the iReady diagnostic test. Iready is an important tool to help teachers learn more about how they can support your student in their academic growth. Please watch this video to learn more about iReady and how you can help us at home.


Throughout the virtual learning model, school meals will be available to SKTCS students remotely and will be provided at designated bus stops. Families coming to meal service locations are asked to do their part to slow the spread of COVID-19 - make sure to wear a mask and adhere to socially distance guidelines while waiting in line. 

Meals will be delivered Tuesday through Friday to geographic areas listed below.

To locate your quadrant, find the school closest to your home from the list provided below, then locate the delivery location and times for your area in the web links provided. **NOTE: THIS MAY NOT BE THE SCHOOL YOUR CHILD ATTENDS.


New Hampstead High School, West Chatham Middle School, Godley Station K-8, Rice Creek K-8, Southwest Middle School
Delivery times and locations – Click Here


Woodville Tompkins, Beach High School, Hodge Elementary School, Gadsden Elementary School, Butler Elementary School
Delivery times and locations – Click Here


Hesse K-8, Isle of Hope K-8, Johnson High School, Low Elementary School, Windsor Forest High School, Pulaski Elementary School
Quadrant 3: delivery times and locations – Click Here



Islands High School, May Howard, Savannah High, A.B. Williams Elementary School, Savannah Arts
Quadrant 2: delivery times and locations – Click Here


Attendance Policy:

Attendance will be taken at 9 am on Mondays and Wednesdays. Your student is late and will receive a tardy if they have not logged in by 9:15. If you know you will be absent you need to send an excuse note to the teacher. 


On Tuesday/Thursday/Friday attendance will be taken by participation.


If students do not turn in their assignments on those days and/or don’t attend Tier Time interventions they will be marked absent.

We are still under the same attendance policies as always, so chronic absences will be reported to the school’s social worker who will follow up with the families in accordance with our policies and state law.

If students have moved and/or wish to withdraw please be sure to send an email stating your intentions to in order to formally document your student’s whereabouts.

Tier Time

Tier Time is the name we give to our designated intervention time, By now, your teacher has reached out to you to share your students’ Tier designation. Monday and Wednesday are for reading and Tuesday and Thursday are for Math. Fridays are reserved for progress monitoring. It is possible for students to have different tier designations for different subjects (i.e. – Tier 1 Reading, Tier 3 Math). Tier Time interventions will begin Tuesday September 8th after diagnostic testing is complete.

Tier 1 – Are students who are meeting grade level expectations and/or are identified gifted. These students will mostly work independently.

Gifted Students- Will meet with a teacher on Monday to receive their assignments and will be provided a contract and independent activities to complete by Friday.

Tier 2 – Students who need some assistance to get to grade level. These students will be assisted by their teachers.

Tier 3 – Students who need smaller groups and more intensive interventions. The following instructors will provide these interventions:

Reading - Mrs. Medina/Ms. Winn

Math/Speech - Ms. Johnson/Coach Smith

Behavior - Mrs. Hardy

Tier 4 - Special Education, will be provided by the special education staff assigned to manage your student’s case.

Again, we hope that your year has started out well. If you have any questions and/or concerns  about instruction please reach out to your teacher.


Best Regards,

Dr. Chattin




August 16, 2020


Good Sunday SKTCS Families,

Welcome to the start of the 2020 - 21 school year. It did my soul good to see so many of your smiling faces this past week. It helps us to remember that whether we’re near or far, in-person or virtual, SKTCS is more than a school - we’re a community.

This week will be challenging! I’m saying it now so that we can all prepare our patience. You will have times where your device doesn’t work, your internet connection is faulty, or you can’t figure out how to log-in. This is a trial and error week. We will find all the glitches together and we’ll laugh about it (one day). 

We’ve already figured out that the iPads were not configured with the Apps needed for our school. It may take the district some time to remedy that problem. Therefore, if you have an iPad you can use your personal device OR return it to the school (Monday - Friday; 8:30 am - 4 pm) to exchange it for a Chromebook.



Your teacher is your first stop to remedying any difficulties accessing the curriculum. Please only call the office if your teacher is not available because they are teaching. 

That said, what to do if you’re having troubles:

On Tuesday/Thursday/Friday during the day or any Weekday evenings: Email your teacher

On Monday or Wednesday during Direct Instruction: Call the school at 912.395.4200



  • Please make sure that you have practiced logging in and trying to get on to Zoom BEFORE 9 am tomorrow. 

  • Please be sure to mind your Zoom etiquette:

  • No pajamas or swimwear

  • Undergarments should not be visible.

  • Please sit (not lay) in a well-lit, quiet, and distraction free area. The best location is with your back to the wall facing the door. While outside may seem appealing the noise from nature, traffic, and wind are very distracting during a telemeeting. 

  • Your camera should be on at all times unless you need to step away from your seat. If this is necessary please let us know via Chat that you'll BRB (Be right back). 

  • Please remain on mute unless your teacher tells you otherwise. 

  • As difficult as it is, please try not to multitask so that you can stay focused and not miss important information. 

  • If you have multiple students, please make sure everyone has headphones (preferably with a mic) or you will get feedback from the other computers. 

  • Please make sure you know how to turn on/off your microphone and camera on your computer. 

  • Please put the device and the charger in your computer bag and put in a safe place when not in use. Please do not leave the computer and/or charger lying around as that increases the chance of damage to the device or the charging unit.

  • Please keep food and liquid away from the devices.

  • With the exception of the ipads, the devices do not have a touchscreen, so please DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREEN. 




We know we have a lot of new families. Please don't forget every communication and the answer to most of your questions can be found in our Current Family Portal. After today the portal will be password protected. The password is Doves. 



Attendance will be taken at 9 am on Mondays and Wednesdays. Your student is late and will receive a tardy if they have not logged in by 9:15. If you know you will be absent you need to send an excuse note to the teacher. 

On Tuesday/Thursday/Friday attendance will be taken by participation. Meaning, if your students do not turn in their assignments on those days and/or don’t attend Tier Time interventions  they will be marked absent. 

We are still under the same attendance policies as always, so chronic absences will be reported to the school’s social worker who will follow up with the families in accordance with our policies and state law. 

If you have moved and/or wish to withdraw please be sure to send an email stating your intentions to in order to document your student’s whereabouts. 



Finally, if you have signed up for PACK (free food for students who qualify for free and/or reduced lunch), the first distribution will be this Friday between 9 am and noon. If you would like to sign up for PACK please complete this form. If you would like to receive a PACK bag for your student, but have a transportation issue please contact Mrs. Hardy at

Again, we thank you all for your patience and grace during this time. This is certainly an unusual start to the beginning of the year, but your SKTCS family misses you (or are excited to meet you) and can’t wait to see you in our halls again!


Let’s Make a Great Year!

- Dr. Chattin



August 13, 2020


Good Morning!!!


We're on to Day 2 of Open House, Device, and Material pick-up.


Just a reminder, even if you don't need a device there are materials that you need to pick-up for your student to participate in virtual-learning (i.e. - art supplies, math materials, etc.). So, please pick up your materials today or tomorrow!


Please be sure you have completed your sign-out FOR EACH CHILD  before arriving.


We are distributing devices from the parking lot. The entrance is on 33rd street between Bull and Whitaker. 

The students' log-ins are the same from last year as long as they were in a Chatham County traditional or charter public school. You can get your log-in by emailing your teacher. 


Thursday August 13th: 9 - 11 am and 4 - 6 pm.

Friday August 14th: 9 am - Noon


Virtual Open Houses for middle school continue today. You can find the schedule and links to your teacher's welcome video (as well as every email ever sent) on the Current Families tab on our website. After this week this tab will be password protected (the password is SKTCS2020). 


We can't wait to see you soon!!

- Dr. Chattin



August 12, 2020


Good Morning!!!


The countdown is on. Just a few reminders:


Device pick-up started this morning. Again, we are distributing devices from the parking lot. The entrance is on 33rd street between Bull and Whitaker. 


Please be sure you have completed your sign-out FOR EACH CHILD  before arriving.



Wednesday August 12th  and Thursday August 13th: 9 - 11 am and 4 - 6 pm.

Friday August 14th: 9 am - Noon


Virtual Open Houses start today. You can find the schedule and links to your teacher's welcome video (as well as every email ever sent) on the Current Families tab on our website. After this week this tab will be password protected (the password is SKTCS2020). 


We can't wait to see you soon!!


- Dr. Chattin

August 7, 2020

Dear SKTCS Families,

The 2020 - 21 school year is almost underway! We are excited to enter into our fourth year as a school and have lots of new additions to be excited about:

1.  Our expansion to our annex campus at 3400 Florance Street for the Middle Grades Academy (MGA) for Social Justice. 

2.  A redefined kinesthetic focus on learning for identified gifted students through our SAGE (Specialized Academy for Gifted Instruction) program:

  • DUKE TIP program admission

  • Personalized instruction

  • Academic Enrichment

3.  Amazing and talented new and returning staff

4.  The revitalization of our Parent Teacher Volunteer Association with a fancy new name - The Aviary. The Aviary will allow parents to participate in school culture through volunteerism in classrooms, fundraising, event planning, and other aspects of school culture. 



We know that this year is full of unknowns, but some things we can share now:

1.  Meet the Teacher - Instead of a traditional Open House, this year on Tuesday August 11th, your teacher will email a pre-recorded video explaining the process for Virtual Learning (Please make sure to watch your video BEFORE coming to the live sessions)


Then on Wednesday or Thursday (see the chart below) your teachers will be available live and in person to answer questions.  

We will have a regular Open House to describe face-to-face learning whenever it is safe to return to school. 

Optional: Meet the Teacher (Pick one Session):

Wednesday August 12th - K-2 Grade

Session 1: Noon - 1pm

Session 2: 5 pm - 6 pm


Wednesday August 12th - 3rd-5th Grade 

Session 1: 1 pm  - 2pm

Session 2: 6 pm - 7 pm


Thursday August 13th - 6th & 7th Grade

WELAR (Writing, English, Language Arts, Reading)

Session 1: 10:30 – 11am 

Session 2: 4 - 4:30pm



Session 1: 11 - 11:30am 

Session 2: 4:30 – 5pm



Session 1: 11:30am - Noon

Session 2: 5 - 5:30pm


Social Studies

Session 1: Noon - 12:30pm

Session 2: 5:30 – 6pm

2.  Virtual School Schedule, School Supplies List, and Teacher Assignments will be emailed to you on Monday, August 10th. 

3.  Device and Learning Materials Pick-Up:

  • If you need to borrow a device please complete the following sign-out form by Tuesday August 11th at noon. 

  • While it is not mandatory that students take a school device, please make sure your students have a laptop, tablet, or iPad. They will not be able to complete their school work from a phone. The computers must be logged into on campus to work at your home. Therefore, you will be asked to sign in before you will be allowed to drive away. 

  • We will also be handing out additional materials that students will need to use to learn from home (i.e. - manipulatives, math practice pages, art supplies, etc.)

Device Pick-Up Days:

1.  Wednesday August 12th 9 am - 11 am and 4 pm - 6 pm

2.  Thursday August 13th 9 am - 11 am and 4 pm - 6 pm

3.  Friday August 14th 9 am - Noon. 

***You will need a mask, your computer bag, and patience to sign-out your device.***

We know that this is a lot of information, but hope that during this time when there are a lot of moving pieces that you will refer to this sheet for all of your information. If you need further details please do not hesitate to contact the front office at 912.395.4200. 

Best Regards,


Dr. Chattin

July 29, 2020


Dear Families, 

We hope you are faring well. Hard to believe that we are just three weeks out from the start of school. A gentle reminder that SKTCS is on a different schedule than SCCPSS. Our students will start back for virtual learning on Monday August 17th at 9 am. You will receive more detailed instructions about schedules, school supplies, and expectations once teachers are back to work.Please remember to look-out for information from SKTCS. You can disregard information sent from SCCPSS.

Open House

We will hold our Two Sessions of Virtual Open House for each grade band:

Lower School

Tuesday August 11th: Kindergarten- 2nd; 12 noon - 1 pm and 5 pm - 6 pm

Wednesday August 12th: 3rd - 5th:   12 noon - 1 pm and 5 pm - 6 pm


Middle Grades Academy (6th & 7th): 

Thursday August 13th: 6th & 7th 

WELAR (Writing, English, Language Arts, Reading): 10:30 - 11 AM   & 4 - 4:30 PM

Math: 11 AM - 11:30 AM & 4:30 - 5 PM

Science: 11:30 AM - Noon & 5 - 5:30 PM

Social Studies: Noon - 12:30 pm & 5:30 – 6 PM


Links to the online presentations will be provided at a later date and time. 


School Supplies

Although we had school supply lists all ready for you, Covid has, of course, thrown us for a loop. Once teachers are back in the building next week we will revise and disseminate the school supply lists for Face-to-face instruction.

For now, all students should have the following materials for virtual instruction:


K - 5: An 11 inch neoprene carrying sleeve/bag for Chromebooks (mandatory for students borrowing a school device). 

Like this one found at Amazon:

6 & 7th grade: A 14 inch  neoprene carrying sleeve/bag for Chromebooks (mandatory  for students borrowing a school device). 

Like this one found at Amazon:

Blue Blocker Glasses (optional, but they are good for reducing strain from looking at a computer screen): 


A Notebook

Pencils and erasers




Headphones with a microphone like these found at Amazon (or the headphones that come with iPhones):



Again, once teachers are back in the building we will share more specific supply lists. 


Technology Distribution

Families will be notified when they can come and pick up resources (Computers and Workbooks) for students. Please stay tuned to your email for further details.


Pandemic EBT

The application for pandemic EBT benefits is now available. If your student received free or reduced lunch last year you are eligible to receive pandemic EBT benefits.

If you already receive SNAP and/or TANF benefits you don’t need to do anything. The benefits will be added to your card. 

If you do not have an EBT card, you will need to get your student’s GTID number from their report card (or log into PowerSchool and retrieve it from their transcript) and complete an application here



Finally, email will be our primary mode of communication (you can delete the Bloomz app!). We will share information as we are able and as always, we thank you for your patience and understanding during these times.


Yours in Service, 


Dr. Chattin




July 23, 2020


SKTCS Families,

We are excited to tell you about a program being offered at Susie King Taylor Community School this year! Any child who is eligible for free or reduced school lunch is eligible to receive a bag of food each Friday between the hours of 9 am -12 pm free of charge starting on August 21st, 2020.


Non-perishable, child-friendly foods such as macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, breakfast items, etc will be donated, packed, and delivered by community volunteers to the school and will be sent home in a 2 gallon freezer bag.

If you qualify for free and/or reduced lunch and would like for your student to participate, please first complete the Lunch Application Form. Lunch Applications must be completed every school year and the deadline for this year is September 15th. We strongly encourage ALL families to complete the lunch application even if your child will never eat school lunch. It is easiest and most accurate to complete online. We recommend all families complete the Lunch Application form each year as it allows us to collect demographic information on our families. Additionally, our Title 1 designation and funding is dependent on the accurate and timely completion of this form. Once you have completed the lunch application, please complete this release form to receive a P.A.C.K. bag weekly.


If you qualify and would like to participate but have a child with food allergies, please speak with Mrs. Hardy, our DSEL, for more information. If you are not eligible or do not wish for your child to participate, please do not complete the form below.

Two forms to complete:

Lunch Application:

PACK Application:


Yours in Partnership,

Mrs. Hardy

Dean of Social Emotional Learning




July 20, 2020


Dear SKTCS Families,

I hope this email finds you well. By now you have learned that on Thursday evening the SCCPSS Board voted to implement e-learning for the first three weeks of the 2020 - 21 school year. As our returning parents know, as a charter school we have liberties to waive many of the policies and procedures of the local school district. Our SKTCS board met on Friday evening and have determined that since we receive Nutritional Services (lunch) and Transportation (buses) from the district our best course of action will be virtual education. 

That said, SKTCS will welcome our students back, virtually, on Monday August 17th, 2020. We know that this is not the ideal situation for many of our families as almost 65% reported a desire to be back in school face-to-face. However, we must also consider the health and well-being of our faculty and have a responsibility to mitigate any possible transmission of this disease where so much is still unknown. 

We have adjusted the calendar to account for a late start. As of now the only other e-learning days on our calendar are Election Day. On or before September 4th the SKTCS board will reconvene to assess the current situation. At that time we hope to have further guidance from the district and/or state to decide whether to extend the virtual learning days or return face-to-face. 

Nevertheless, we fully intend to provide the same quality hands-on, personalized, and place-based education you have come to expect. Unlike the spring, we are much better prepared for virtual lessons and students will receive live instruction from their teachers in addition to projects, labs, and virtual field trips!

We have many new additions to our program as well, and despite starting the year online we are excited to announce:

1.  New Faces and Spaces! We are ecstatic to welcome new members of our teaching faculty. You can find their introductions and biographies on our website. 

2.  Additionally, we have had some shifts within the building. We want to congratulate Ms. Q ( for her promotion to Business and Operations Manager, Ms. Ervin (  for her promotion as the Administrative Specialist in the front office, and Mrs. Medina ( for her appointment to Dean of Lower School. Please feel free to email them your congratulations!

3.  All teachers will be fully trained in project-based learning this summer. That means more hands-on learning to encourage activation of multiple areas of the brain, real-life applications, and meaningful engagement with the curriculum. 

4.  2020 - 21 brings the start of the SKTCS Middle Grades Academy for Social Justice (Grades 6 & 7). The middle grades program will weave the following four strands throughout all of disciplines: 

  • Access - greater equality of access to goods and services.

  • Equity - overcoming unfairness caused by unequal access to economic resources and power.

  • Rights - equal effective legal, industrial and political rights.

  • Participation - expanded opportunities for real participation in the decisions which govern their lives.

5.  SKTCS MGA also has a new home! We are proud to announce we have located a temporary new home for our middle school students (lower school students (K-5) will still be at 1709 Bull Street). This space will allow our older students to be fully immersed in the middle school experience. Of course, we desire for our entire school to be on one campus, so we will continue to look for one location that can house us all (please let us know if you have any ideas). But, for this year the MGA will be located at 3400 Florance Street.  We will be housed in a portion of the Ramah Junior Academy building, a historical organization that has educated and served the African American community in Savannah for over the past 100 years. 

  • The details for transportation are delayed due to Covid; however, the goal is that K-7 siblings will ride the bus together and be dropped off/picked-up at their respective sites. We will share more information as we get closer to face-to-face instruction. 

6.  Follow us on Instagram at susiekingtaylor

7.  Third through Seventh Graders - please don’t forget to do your summer reading! This will be your first grade of the first marking period!

8.  Final notes:

  • We will announce the rescheduling of our now virtual Open House and Kindergarten Orientation soon. 

  • We intend to create video tutorials to assist families with accessing learning online.

  • We are awaiting guidance on how to implement IEPs virtually. 

  • There will be no paper-pencil option this time. Online only

  • Each student will receive their own device that is assigned to them for the duration of the school year. Families will have access to the hotspot buses provided by the district. If it is determined that there is no reliable internet in your area the school will also provide internet.  

  • As of now attendance policies are still in place and students are expected to be online during school hours. We will let you know if things change.



Again, I know this is not how any of us intended to start the school year, but we will have a grand party to re-start when it is appropriate. We thank you in advance  for your flexibility and patience during this uncertain time. I will provide more information as we near the start of school and ask you to anticipate changes and be surprised if there are none.

I am always so grateful to be a part of this amazing school community. As always, if there is anything you need assistance with please feel free to call the front office. 


We miss you and are excited about the start of this new school year …

Humbly Yours,


Dr. Chattin



June 24, 2020


Good Evening Parents,

I hope this email finds you well. This evening the school district sent out an email describing their E-Learning Academy for students in grades 3-12. There are many things that are confusing and uncertain during these unprecendented times. One of those things is whether or not we will be face-to-face in August. However, here are a few things you can count on:

1. IF we return to the building in August we will take every precaution to prepare the building and maintain safe conditions for staff and students.

2. SKTCS will offer a distance learning option this fall for families who are not comfortable with their students returning to a brick and mortar building.


This will allow students to learn the same curriculum, the same way as their in-school peers without losing their seat at SKTCS.

Please note, in order to enroll in the E-Learning Academy you will lose your spot at SKTCS (you can only be enrolled in one school at a time). If you wanted to come back to SKTCS after COVID you would have to apply and be added to the waitlist and/or the lottery in March. 

Again, while nothing is certain, we will discuss our contingency plans for re-entry at our July Board Meeting on July 8th at 6 pm. 


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact


Best Regards,


Dr. Chattin




June 16, 2020


Dear Families of Students entering the Intermediate and Middle Grades, 

This summer SKTCS will start our inaugural summer reading assignment for students entering grades 3 - 7. Click on this link to find a list of books for your students. Students should choose a book within their grade band and interest area. Gifted students must choose books at their grade level or higher. Students who have an IEP may choose to read via audiobook. 

You may choose to borrow books from the Live Oaks Public Library and/or purchase from a local or online ebookstore. 

Choosing an appropriate book will definitely require parental discretion. As a family choose a book that will retain their interest, that they can read independently, and whose content is appropriate for their level of maturity. 

The assignments for these readings are also included in the link. Students should be prepared to give their book talk at any time during the first week of school. Students who are on the more introverted side may choose to use a prerecorded presentation (i.e. - Prezi, iMovie, Powerpoint) to deliver their presentation. 

If there are any questions please contact me before June 23rd ( 


Happy Reading!!


- Dr. Chattin


June 15, 2020


Dear Families,

The state of Georgia has recently been approved to provide pandemic EBT to students who received free or reduced lunch during the 2019 - 20 school year.

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT)

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act includes a benefit called Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) for children who received free or reduced-price school meals in the 2019-2020 school year, but their school is was closed.

Who needs to apply for P-EBT?
If your family is currently receiving SNAP benefits, YOU DO NOT NEED TO APPLY.

Everyone else must apply to get P-EBT benefits.

Complete the entire application to see if your child is eligible. Answering all questions will help us process your application more quickly.

Applications will be processed in the order they are received. The P-EBT amount for each eligible child is $256.50. 


No. of Children Eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch

Allotment Amount

1 child - $256.50

2 children - $513.00

3 children - $769.50

4 children - $1,026.00

5 children - $1,282.50

6 children - $1,539.00

7 children - $1,795.50

8 children - $2,052.00


The application will open in July. You can go here to apply.


Best regards, 


Dr. Chattin 




June 3, 2020


Dear SKTCS families,

The most recent events regarding the unarmed murder of Breonna Taylor by police in Louisville (KY),  the unarmed murder of Ahmaud Arbery at the hands of vigilantes in Brunswick (GA), and the unarmed murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis (MN), during the month of May have brought to light a need for uncomfortable, but necessary, conversations regarding justice and a universal right to life for every human being. 

At SKTCS we will continue to value peaceful means to evoking change in our immediate and extended community. We realize that words without action are fruitless. We are committed to preparing our students to think critically, question the status quo, and to stand up for the rights of every human being to feel safe, valued, and respected in society. 

To that end, we are proud to announce the Susie King Taylor Community Middle Grades Academy for Social Justice (6-8). At SKTCS-MGA we define social justice as,

“Advocating for the rights of every human being to have equal access to economic, educational, physical, and emotional resources that ensure their right to health, wealth, and freedom regardless of their gender, race, political affiliation, or socioeconomic status.”

At SKTCS-MGA our Georgia state standards-based lessons will address the four strands of social justice:

  • Access (greater equality of access to goods and services)

  • Equity (overcoming unfairness caused by unequal access to economic resources and power)

  • Rights (equal effective legal, industrial and political rights)

  • Participation (expanded opportunities for real participation in the decisions which govern their lives).


Lessons will begin by choosing a real-life standards-based problem.  The students will then participate in hands-on project-based learning to create a solution to the problem. Each report period will conclude in a service-learning project to help students advocate for change in their communities for a total of four large service-projects per year.


We hope that this contribution to our Savannah community sparks a generation of critical-thinkers who will advocate for the protection of the rights of the Earth and all of its citizens - especially those that are being persecuted. Together we are one small light that can spark a fire.

Take care of yourselves and each other,

Dr. Chattin


May 22, 2020


Final report cards for the 2019-2020 school year will be available on the Parent Portal PowerSchool Friday, May 22 at 5 PM. Report cards are only available in the web version of PowerSchool; they are not viewable in the PowerSchool app. You must have an account to view your child’s report card.  If you do not have an account, you can request one at


Families will receive their generic grade level school supply in an email on  June 5th, 2020. Students will find out their teachers and get a specific supply list at their Open House. 

As a reminder, PowerSchool will no longer support the web browser Internet Explorer.  To minimize web browser-related disruption, PowerSchool strongly recommends using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox as your default web browser. 

Have a safe and healthy summer!


- Dr. Chattin 



May 4th, 2020

Dear SKTCS Families,

What a crazy end to a wonderful school year. But we’ve made it to May! We have two weeks until the official end of the school year and we intend to end as strong as we started! Please continue to read to see end-of-the-year notes and reminders. 

Teacher Appreciation Week

Although we celebrated our faculty and staff the week leading up to Spring Break, this week is the national Teacher Appreciation Week. We are so thankful for all of the vocal support of our staff everyday, but if you could send an extra kind word to a staff member this week, I know they would appreciate it!

Opt-Out Students

Congratulations to our students who were able to opt-out of the last two weeks of school. Although the official part of your school year is over, please remember that you will continue to have access to the online learning platforms (i.e. - IXL. iReady, Khan Academy, Freckle, etc.) until July 30th, 2020. 

Continuing Students

Students who did not, or were not able to, opt-out will continue their learning path (e.g. - online, workbook, or teacher generated) until Thursday May 14th. During these last days of school, teachers will provide targeted assistance to students through specific assignments designed to improve their weakest academic areas. 

End-of-Year Procedures

We have reached the end of the school year, and while this time of the year would typically be filled with parties, parades, and field days, we are thankful for the health and well-being of our staff and students. We would like to keep everyone safe by minimizing person-to-person contact with the following procedures:

May 14th Pick-Up/Drop-Offs: 

10 am - noon: Medicine pick-up - Students who have medicine at school may drive through the car line to pick-up their medicine and the items they left behind at the cafeteria door. Any medicine not picked up at the end of May 14th will be discarded. 

Noon - 3 pm: Butter Braid Orders - Students who participated in the Butter Braid fundraiser can pick up their orders between the hours of noon and 3 pm by driving through the car line and stopping at the cafeteria door.  Butter braids are refrigerated, so you need to be prepared to deliver them within four hours of picking them up. Butter braids will NOT be ready before noon. Butter Braids not picked up by 3 pm on May 14th will be donated, as we do not have space to keep them refrigerated. No exceptions.

5/14/20 Notes:

1.  If your family qualifies for either pick-up on this day please be prepared to return your Chromebook and/or workbook when you come to pick-up your medicine and/or Butter Braids. We will have all of your family’s materials ready at pick-up.

2.  If you are “medicine only”, please  come between 10 am and noon. If you have Butter Braids and medicine please come between noon and 3 pm. 

3.  If you are picking up for someone else, please email before May 14th so we can prepare for your arrival. 


May 15th Pick-Up/Drop-Offs:

10 am - noon: Kindergarten - Third Grade - Drop-off Chromebooks/Workbooks, pick-up items that were left in the classroom.

1 pm - 3 pm: Fourth - Sixth Grade - Drop-off Chromebooks/Workbooks, pick-up items that were left in the classroom.


5/15/20 Notes: 

1.  If you are picking up for someone else, please email before May 14th so we can prepare for your arrival. 

2.  If your student borrowed a Chromebook, they must return the Chromebook at this time.

3.  If your student is returning next year and you do not have a workbook or Chromebook to return, you do NOT have  to pick-up your items. The items are bagged with your student’s name on it and we will place it in their next year’s class. 

4.  If your student opted to do the workbook and they are returning next year you may also choose to mail your workbook to 1709 Bull Street (31401) and  as long as we receive it by May 20th, they will receive a 4th quarter report card.  You do NOT have to pick-up your items. The items are bagged with your student’s name on it and we will place it  in their next year’s class. 


If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Best Regards, 


Dr. Chattin



April 14, 2020

Dear SKTCS Families,

As always, I hope that everyone is doing well. We miss all so much and wish we could be back on campus again! 

There has been a lot of information being exchanged throughout the district. With families having students in both our school and traditional public schools, I wanted to take this moment to remind you of our expectations for students and some exciting new updates.

Student Expectations for Distance Learning:

1.  Families have reported to teachers one (and only one)  form of Online Learning that their students will be participating in:

A.  Digital Platforms (i.e. - iReady, Freckle, IXL, etc.)

B.  Teacher Created Assignments (assigned through Google Classroom) 

C.  Packets (which were distributed in March) and Workbooks (which have been mailed to houses and will arrive on Thursday).

2.  Students who borrowed a Chromebook from the school must choose Option A or B. Homeroom teachers should know by now those students who are choosing Option C.

3.  Students are expected to complete 30 minutes of each subject per day:

  • Reading

  • Math

  • Science 

  • Social Studies

4.  Students will receive a grade for the 4th quarter of Pass or Fail based on assignment completion, nit accuracy. Meaning, they must participate in learning, but we will not grade how much they got “right.” 

5.  Art, PE, and Music opportunities are available for students to continue their enrichment, but are not counted for a grade.


New Information:

We recently learned that Governor Kemp has decided that schools in Georgia must remain physically closed for the rest of the school year. We realize the strain that distance learning puts on families and recognize that students who are struggling learners could benefit from more support from our staff. Therefore, after May 1st students who meet all of the following criteria will have the option to opt-out of Distance Learning:

  1. Received a 75% or higher (or satisfactory or higher for Kindergarten)  in ALL subjects in the third quarter

  2. Are current in all 4th quarter assignments

  3. Are not identified EIP, REP, have an IEP, or are in Tier 3 in any academic area

Parents of students who meet all of the above criteria will receive an email from their homeroom teacher on Monday April 27th with a link to a Google Form that will serve as your official notice to “Opt-Out.” This form must be returned by May 1st or students will forfeit their Opt-Out option.

By allowing students who are on-track to meet grade-level standards to Opt-Out, teachers will be able to provide intense and intentional remediation to students who are identified EIP, REP, are in Tier 3 (academically) and/or have an IEP for the last three weeks of school.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher.


Fun News:

  1. Mrs. Hardy is having her baby! Therefore, she is going on maternity leave this week. If you need any assistance please contact our Social Worker - Mrs. Maggioni (

  2. Challenges - We miss seeing our kiddos, therefore, we want to offer you a Weekly Challenge to see each others’ faces. They are completely optional and just for fun!


Week 1: April 13 - 17th

The Great Outdoors 

Submit a picture of you doing something fun outside to and we will share your entries on Bloomz.


Week 2: April 20 - 24th

The Art Show 

This week you are challenged to create a piece of art that shows your interests and imagination. Think of it as an artist's choice. You can paint, sculpt, draw, use found objects, collage etc. You choose the subject, if you love baseball, do a baseball drawing, if you love anime draw your favorite character or invent your own. The sky's the limit! 

Submit your work to in the subject line and put your first and last name and grade level. Entries will be posted on instagram at sktcsartgallery  lets flood our Instagram with creative and unique art!


Week 3: April 27th - May 1st

SKTCS “So You Got Talent?!” - TikTok  Challenge!

We are challenging our kids, teachers, and parents... YES, even YOU, teachers and parents... to show us what you got!

Can you dance, act, sing, create beats, be funny or do comedy... or maybe you can do it all! Well, we want to see and experience your Unique Talents and creativity!

Individually,  with your same-household family create a TikTok video of your choice (nothing explicit or vulgar).

Use your personal TikTok page, (if you don’t have one and want to participate, you have to create one),  create a video, and then tag the @SKTCS TikTok Account and Follow @SKTCS on TikTok, then that video will be posted on SKTCS TikTok page. 

In order for videos to be posted on the SKTCS page, you have to tag the school’s page and follow, before posting the video on your page!

Simple as that.


Week 4: May 4th - 8th

Home Chef Challenge

Create a personalized trail mix, using the ingredients suggested below or whatever you have on hand at home.


GRAINS: Cereal of your choice or Granola

TREATS: Chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, M&Ms, marshmallows, Teddy Grahams, animal crackers

SALTY: Chips, goldfish, pretzels, popcorn, mini crackers 

NUTTY: Nuts of your choice (optional because of allergies)

DRIED FRUIT: Raisins, raisins, banana chips, cherries, blueberries, apples,  pineapples

SEEDS; Sunflower, flax, pumpkin


  • Pick 1 or 2 items from each category listed above

  • Mix ingredients together

  • Create a name for your trail mix

  • Provide a list of ingredients to share so that we can replicate it

  • Get creative with the packaging. Examples: decorate a Ziploc bag, bowl or canister using stickers, makers, create a cool label

  • Have members of your household taste and write a review of your trail mix.

  • Please take pictures and send to so we can post on Bloomz


Week 5: May 11th - 15th

The SKTCS Family Picture Recreation Challenge

Pick a favorite old family photo and recreate it by posing in the same position and similar clothes as the old photo. Submit the original and new picture to  and we will post on Bloomz.


Have fun with the challenges and let us know if you have any questions!


April 5, 2020

Good Evening Parents,

Last Friday we handed out over 60 Chromebooks to families needing technology to participate in Distance Learning. It was great to see and serve our families and want to let you know that you can continue to reach us whenever you need us. You can find more information to keep you  up-to-date on Covid-19 and all information regarding school at our new page on our website

Now that our families are equipped to participate in Distance Learning I wanted to share the learning expectations effective April 6th, 2020:

The SKTCS Distance Learning Plan Is as follows:

a.  Online Assignments. Each student will decide to be either Online or Paper. Please Note: Any student who has borrowed a Chromebook is in the Online program. 

b. Paper Packets. Packets were distributed twice in March. Students who are not participating in online learning must inform their teachers that they need a workbook mailed to them. These books will arrive at the student’s address on file around mid-April. Paper assignments (workbooks) will be turned into the school when we are given permission to return to school.

c. What to Do. All students should strive to complete 30 minutes of work per subject (Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science) per day on Google Classroom. 

There is one writing assignment due per week. All students are expected to complete the writing assignment.

d. Grading - Due to our inability to instruct all students in the same manner, students are not being graded for accuracy. Students are graded pass/fail for completing their work. Any student who completes at least 75% of each week’s assignments will receive a “Pass” for that subject. 

Students who do not submit work online or turn-in written work at the end of the quarter will receive a “fail” on their report card. 

Please contact your homeroom teacher if you need any support completing assignments. 

e. Communication and Interaction. Teachers will offer an online homeroom once per week. Teachers will also call each student once per week.

f. Special Education. Special Education teachers are supporting students and SLPs are providing activities for students at home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact for help with my computer and/or log-ins?

If your log-in is not working, you’re having an issue with your computer, or you don’t understand your assignment please contact your homeroom teacher. 

How do I get assistance with counseling or other services?

Please contact Mrs. Hardy at 

When do we come back to school?

Unfortunately, due to Covid-10 the governor has mandated that schools are closed for the remainder of the school year. Our first day of school is scheduled for August 10th, 2020. 

When/how should I return my device?

We will make an announcement when it is safe to return devices. 

What should I do if my device is damaged or stolen?

Please refer to the loan agreement signed, but students who have borrowed a computer are expected to return them in the same condition. If your device is damaged you will be asked to pay for a replacement. If your device is stolen you are required to report it to the School Director and the police, and will be required to pay for the replacement. 

Will there be another day to distribute technology?

In an attempt to flatten the curve we will be limiting how much we expose our staff to possible transmission of the virus. There is no one on campus, we are all working remotely. Therefore, there will not be another technology distribution day. 

What should I do if I don’t have technology or access to the internet?

Please let your teacher know if you were unable to make the technology distribution. We will put you on the list to receive paper assignments. 


If your student needs to withdraw or you need to submit documents for a new student, please contact



I hope that this has helped to answer many of the questions you have. During this time of being away from the building your child’s teacher should have provided you with an email and a phone number where you can reach them. Since teachers are using Google Voice to call home, many of their numbers will not have a “912” prefix.. Please save their number as a contact in your phone so that you do not miss their calls as they will be your primary resource. Please let your teacher know about any concerns or needs and they will be sure to get you the help you need.


Finally, the school will be closed for business on Friday April 10th. Our faculty, admin, and staff will be taking a brief break to celebrate the holiday weekend with their staff and we will return for your students on Monday April 13th. Students are also excused from any assignments on Friday. 


Yours in partnership,


Dr. Chattin



April 2, 2020

Good Afternoon, 


I hope that you are all faring well. We are getting a lot of calls and emails about Butterbraids and Laptops.



We had a wonderful turnout with the Butterbraid fundraiser. Unfortunately, right now we are unable to distribute that product due to logistics regarding Covid-19. However, as we mentioned last week, those who purchased Butterbraids will still receive their product when we are able to distribute them. We will send out a notice when they are ready and it is safe to distribute. 



If you are in need of a Chromebook we are distributing one Chromebook per family. You should email your child's teacher and ask to be placed on the list. After doing that all you need to do is come to the school tomorrow, Friday April 3rd, between 10 and 5, through carline to pick it up. 

Please, please, let your teacher know before 5 pm today so that we can prepare your Chromebook and paperwork before you arrive decreasing the exposure to the virus for everyone.



We have several bags of food left for families in need. If you are signed up for PACK lease pick up a bag tomorrow if needed. 



Thank you so much for partnership,


Dr. Chattin





April 1, 2020


For those families interested in borrowing technology please preview the agreement you will need to sign before being issued a device:


Susie King Taylor Community School is providing students with a learning device to support the continuation of teaching and learning through online software and Internet resources.


Student’s/Parent’s Responsibilities


  • The Learning Device is provided for the student only. Student ID and password is required to access the device.

  • The student is required to practice good digital citizenship and adhere to the attached Student Technology Agreement

  • Student/Parent agrees to use the device for learning during the period of assignment, protect the device, maintain it, and promptly return the device (including power cable) when requested.

  • The Learning Device will remain checked out to the student until it is returned to the issuing school. This means that the record will follow the student until the equipment has been returned in the same condition that it is issued (reasonable wear is expected).

  • If a student has borrowed technology from the school they are expected to participate fully in the online curriculum or arrange immediate pick-up of the device.

  • If the device is stolen, you are required to file a police report and notify the school.

  • If the device is lost, stolen, or damaged, you are responsible for repairs or replacement (current retail value is about $250.00/device).



Below are policies that will regulate our use of the Internet and computer at home:


  1. Refrain from having food or drinks when using the computers.

  2. Unless assigned, use of the device for games, Facebook, Internet Games, YouTube, chat rooms, Instant Messengers, Blog Websites, Fantasy Football/Basketball, Instagram, Snapchat, taking pictures, making videos, etc are NOT permitted!!!

  3. No installing software onto the computers.

  4. No “Hacking,” accessing unauthorized files, or using the network in any way other than that intended.

  5. Students will be held responsible for the condition of the computer. Any damages presumed above normal wear and tear will be financially assessed to the students’ family.

  6. Students MUST sign in with their district assigned username and password and be sure to NEVER give the password to anyone.

  7. Do not touch the screen.

  8. Computers should always be placed on a flat surface. Never on the ground.

  9. Do not carry computers by their lids or tops. Computers should be closed when being transported.

  10. Do not change the desktop, screensaver, or settings on your device.

  11. Do not save anything to the desktop of hard drive of the computer.

  12. All technology should be properly turned off, put away safely and charged each night.




April 1, 2020


Happy April Families,


I hope you are all hanging in there. I know this time can be stressful with employment being up in the air for some families, or working at home with multiple kids, or the overabundance of information right now that can feel like a lack of information. I hope that we are not adding to any family stressors.

This afternoon Governor Kemp announced that all schools in Georgia will remain closed for the duration the 2019 - 20 school year. For the past two weeks we provided students with optional activities to ensure they retain all of the skills they have learned so far this year.

This new announcement by the governor will surely come with more details in the upcoming days. We do not have all the details of what is expected of us, but we will share information as soon as we get it. We ask for your patience as we navigate these uncharted waters. Unfortunately, what we know and share today could be obsolete and change tomorrow.

For now our expectations are:


  1. Students complete 30 minutes per subject per day - either online or in the packets distributed.

  2. Teachers make individual contact with each student once per week (If you have multiple students in your household, you will receive multiple calls).

  3. Through Zoom, teachers will provide students an opportunity to socialize with each other weekly.


If you wish to participate in online learning and are in need of a Chromebook, please email your homeroom teacher by Thursday, April 2nd at 5pm, This will allow us to prepare your pick up at the school on Friday, April 3rd between 10 am and 5 pm. Again, we ask that you stay in your car and come through the carline. If transportation is an issue, please contact Mrs. Hardy at Please note that you do not need a computer to successfully receive credit for the final quarter. You can still complete the packets as assigned for credit. Also, be aware that we are loaning technology, which means that families are responsible for the condition in which the technology is returned.

Also, please take the time to complete this survey to help us improve our service to you. We know that this is not what any of us signed up for, and we appreciate your partnership in this new endeavor. Finally, at this time we have put all of our communications to parents on the front page of our website for easy access. However, to make information more easily accessible, we will add a new COVID-19 page to our website at by Sunday evening.

As always, please let us know if you need anything,


Dr. Chattin


March 26, 2020


Good Afternoon Parents,


I hope you're not tired of hearing from me yet, but I know that anxiety is high in these uncertain times so I am hoping that frequent and direct communication alleviates some fears or worries.


This afternoon, Governor Kemp executed an Executive Order calling for the extension of the closure of all public schools in Georgia. SKTCS will now remain closed through April 24, 2020 at minimal.


Learning Packets and PACK

Tomorrow from 10 - 3 we will distribute Learning Packets and PACK bags to families who have signed up and 12 - 2:30 will have free fresh produce and the LOKI food truck in addition to the PACK bags and Learning Packets. As of now, this is the last day the physical school building will be open.


Report Cards

Third Quarter Report Cards will be available digitally through the PowerSchool Parent Portal TOMORROW, Friday, March 27th after 5 PM. You will need a PowerSchool Parent Access account to view. If you have not previously used PowerSchool before to access your students' grades follow these directions:

  1. Navigate to the Family & Students page from the front page of

  2. Click on PowerSchool under the Parent Tools section, then click the button to request a Parent Access Account.

  3. Note that the information you put in must match what is in file in order to receive an account. Meaning, if you have changed your email, address, or phone number and have not notified the school to change it in PowerSchool (this must be done through the front office, not a teacher) your request will most likely be denied.

Web report cards are not accessible through the PowerSchool app. Parents must access report cards through the actual PowerSchool website only by going to PowerSchool through a web browser.


If you have any issues accessing your students' report card please contact Ms. Q at


Distance Learning

Starting Monday March 30th at about 11am teachers will release Google Classroom codes for your students. These activities are intended to keep students learning and practicing what they have learned at home. We are well aware that with the unprecedented volume of families using certain platforms at home that there are a lot of freezes and inoperable sites. Do not stress. Do what you can, when you can. If you have any technology issues please contact your child's homeroom teacher. Although they are not trained in IT, they will do what they can to help.


Finally, I thank you all for your patience in these trying times. I ask that you remember that the most helpful thing you can do right now is be kind. Some of our very own staff members are coping with family and friends who have been affected by this virus across the country and the world and are still at home helping their children e-learn, while helping your children e-learn. Some of our staff and families are experiencing hardships due to the loss of employment of a spouse or an adult child. While learning is important, more important is the idea that we all stay physically and mentally healthy during this time. If distance learning is stressing your family out. Walk away and try again another day. We're in this for the long haul.


If you need me for anything - 912.395.4200 or


Yours in Solidarity,

Dr. Chattin



March 25, 2020


During this time, Mayor Van Johnson has instituted a mandatory shelter-in-place for the city of Savannah. We want to make sure that all of our families are taking care of themselves and their neighbors by honoring that charge.


We also want to make sure that we are taking care of our SKTCS community's academic physical needs. On Friday March 27th, 2020 from 10 - 3 pm we will offer drive-through service for families to receive learning packets and PACK bags. From 12 - 2:30 we will also distribute fresh produce and free farm-to-table food courtesy of the LOKI food truck.


We will operate the same as carline and we ask that all families please stay in their cars. This will work best if arrival is staggered. The busiest times will be the beginning and the end.


Also, SCCPSS will move the School Closure Meal Plan to a meal delivery program by school bus. Beginning Thursday, March 26, meals will be distributed to families at more than 400 bus stops across the county. Meals will no longer be offered at the 12 school locations previously used as a distribution point. On Thursday, meals for both

Thursday and Friday will be delivered by school bus. Buses will not run on Friday. The meal delivery schedule of stops and their associated locations is now available online at the District’s

website: ram%20%283-24-20%29.pdf. Families are encouraged to visit this link to locate stop locations that are most convenient.


While there is a “shelter-at-home” order in effect for the City of Savannah, families may proceed to the stops for the purpose of receiving food, an essential need. SCCPSS Campus Police will provide security on board the buses and will offer traffic support as appropriate.

Motorists are encouraged to be alert on Thursday from 10am-12noon as school buses will be on the roadways and in the community making various stops to provide food for families. Visit for a complete list of meal delivery locations and times. Simply look for the route departing from the school closest to you to find your nearest stop and time. For any questions or concerns about Meal Stops, families should call the District’s Transportation Line at 912-395-5591.

Again, we hope that you are taking care of yourselves, and it is our honor to take care of you, too. March 23rd Letter to Parents:




March 23, 2020


Dear SKTCS Families,


Just a reminder that school is closed - physically and operationally. However, this week teachers will be sending home log-ins and passwords for your students to access digital activities from home. Physical packets were handed out on Friday. Unfortunately, due to needing to minimize the liability from reentering the building, we will not be at school to redistribute those packets, but they are available

here: Google Classrooms will start on Monday March 30th and those codes and directions will be distributed to you through your teacher's Bloomz pages no later than Friday March 27th.


We recognize that all students do not have access to the same physical and/or human resources. We are distributing these activities to prevent loss of learning - not to replace traditional teaching. All activities are to be completed at the individual family’s ability. We will be sure to make-up for whatever we missed when we return!


Please remember that your school family is available to you Monday - Friday 10 am - 3 pm via Bloomz, phone (Teachers will provide a number where you can reach them), and Email. We ask that during this extremely stressful time we all provide each other with some grace by limiting school-related conversations to these days, hours, and methods to give school staff time to regroup and also focus on their homes.


We appreciate the extreme adjustments you have had to make at this time and want to thank you for being patient with us. We miss you and love you!


Virtual Hugs (and forehead kisses), Dr. Chattin






Update on School Closure


March 16, 2020


Dear SKTCS Families,


Due to the widespread Covid-19 (coronavirus) this morning, Monday, March 16th, 2020, the State Superintendent of Education, Richard Woods, suspended the administration of the Georgia Milestones Assessment System (GMAS) End-of-Course and End-of Grade tests. Later this evening Governor Kemp issued an Executive Order requiring all

K-12 schools to close for the remainder of March. Although the Governor’s orders are through March 31st, at this time SKTCS will remain closed through April 3rd at least, and at this time we plan to reopen on Monday, April 6th. At that time we will reassess the situation and determine whether it is safe for our students to return. Please disregard SCCPSS closure notifications and stay tuned to our Bloomz, your email, and our website for updates on when we will open.

Please know that SKTCS staff, administration, and board are dedicated to continuing to serve our families academically, physically, and emotionally.



  • Beginning on Monday, March 23rd you may email your child’s homeroom teacher if you need your child’s password for Freckle (K-3) and iReady (K-6) for students to continue their reading and math studies at home.

  • Starting Monday, March 30th families will have access to Google Classroom where teachers will have set-up a week’s worth of lessons at a time. Update: The activities in Google Classroom are to prevent loss of learning. Students are not required to submit anything at this time, but are highly encouraged to continue reading and learning independently in order to be prepared for our return to school.

  • Given our current closure, parents may access their students’ third quarter grades online through PowerSchool. If you need assistance with this please email Ms. Q at when we return from Spring Break on Monday, March 23rd.


We are aware that not all of our families have access to the internet or to devices, so complete online learning may not be possible. If your family is unable to access learning digitally please send an email to Dr. Chattin

at to make alternate arrangements. We will accommodate families to ensure a successful end of year for every student.



This week our school is receiving a deep cleaning including all upholstery and floors. Additionally, we are distributing two weeks of food for students who receive PACK packages tomorrow Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 from 5 - 6 pm. If your family has food insecurities or other needs during this school closure please

contact and we will do whatever we can to assist.



Mrs. Hardy is available to provide emotional support for any family or student needing to process the current situation.


Again, at this time our utmost concern is the safety and well-being of our families. If there is anything we can do to help please do not hesitate to let me know.


Be Well, Dr. Chattin

School Director

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