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SKTCS's Responsibilities to Families

School’s Commitment to Families


SKTCS teachers and administration agree to:

  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment for students, families, and our greater community.

  • Be a positive role model for our students and families by maintaining a positive attitude.

  • Honor and respect diversity.

  • Consistently and thoroughly share current standings and future goals relating to student achievement.

  • Make learning meaningful.

  • Provide consistent and frequent communication.

  • Personalize learning to meet the readiness, interests, and learning styles of the student as much as possible.

  • Use technology as a tool for learning and not a replacement for teaching.

  • Join and/or attend school functions as frequently as possible.


Rights and Responsibilities as a Charter School
Pursuant to O.C.G.A. §20-2-2065 and Georgia State Board of Education Rule 1 60-4-9.04, the Charter School shall be waived from state and local rule regulations, policies and procedures and/or provisions of Title 20 of the Official Code of Georgia, other than the provisions of the Charter School Act of 1998. The charter school shall not be subject to the provisions of this title or any state or local rule, regulation, policy, or procedure relating to schools within an applicable school system regardless of whether such rule, regulations, policy, or procedure is established by the local board, the state board, or the Department of Education. 


In exchange for such a waiver, the charter school agrees to meet or exceed the performance based goals included in the charter and approved by the local board and will comply with all the requirements of the single statewide accountability system.

Equal Opportunity/Non-discrimination
Susie King Taylor Community School does not discriminate. All children will be able to participate in, and have access to programming, facilities, athletics, counseling, extracurricular activities, and other school resources regardless of skin color, creed, gender, national origin, religion, age, economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or (dis)ability. Students who identify as transgender students are permitted to use restrooms that match their gender identity.

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