Family Handbook

For a complete overview of school policies, please read our Family Handbook

Board Meeting Participation Policy

All Board meetings are open to the public. Time is set aside at each regularly scheduled meeting to provide stakeholders the opportunity to address the Board. The public comment period is designed to gain input from the public and not for immediate responses by the Board to the public comments presented.​

Conflict Resolution & Grievance Policy

Parents, individuals, and SKTCS staff who have a conflict or grievance that they would like to present to the Governing Board are requested to follow the SKTCS Conflict Resolution & Grievance Policy.


Bell Times

School starts at 9 am and ends at 4pm. Students should begin arriving at 8:30 am and enter through either the patio (bus riders and walkers) or car rider doors. Breakfast is served starting at 8:30 and ends promptly at 9 am. If your student arrives at 9:01 breakfast service will be completed and they will not receive a meal.

For safety reasons students should not arrive prior to 8:30 am unless accompanied by an adult. At 9:01 am students are tardy. Parents/Guardians should escort them to and through the front doors where they must be signed in by an adult. If the tardy is a result of a late or missing bus the absence is excused.
School dismisses at 4 pm. Parents do not need to begin arriving for pick-up until 3:50 pm.


Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

Car Rider Drop-Off
● All students riding in a car must be dropped off in the school parking lot. Not in the bus lane!!!
● Cars should into the parking lot from 33rd Street.
● Once in the parking lot proceed to the double white doors to be escorted in.
● Children should only exit the car once an adult opens the door from the outside.


Car Rider Pick-Up
● Turn left onto 33rd street from Whitaker and then turn right into the parking lot (this will prevent us from blocking the fire station should a fire truck need to exit).

● Please pull into the parking line and join one of the five queues for pick-up.
     ○ Do not block the entrance. Instead go to the next line.
     ○ Leave room for cars to pass behind you
     ○ If the lot is full do not block the firehouse. Instead, circle the block until the lines ease up or park and pick-up from the front doors.
For expediency purposes:
● Adults must stay with their vehicle. A school employee or volunteer will come and assist your student with entering and exiting the vehicle. Do NOT
exit your vehicle.
● Please be sure that car seats and booster seats are placed on the passenger side of the vehicle.

● Every family will be assigned a car tag. Please ensure that your pick-up placard is displayed prominently on the passenger side in the front window.
● Please be sure that anything that needs to exit the car with the child is in the car with the child (and not in the trunk).
● Please pull forward immediately.
● Please do NOT attempt to go around the car in front of you.
● If the line is too long or you are in a hurry please park in a legal parking space (not in the bus drop-off zone on 34 th st.) and walk your child to the front door.


Please Note - We are mandated reporters:
● We are unable to load a child into any vehicle that does not have an age-appropriate car seat and we are mandated as reporters to file a report
for children who do not have the appropriate car seat.
● If we smell illegal substances emanating from your vehicle a DFCS report will be made.



Walkers and Bikers
Students who are walking or biking to and from school should enter through the patio doors on 34th street and will be dismissed from the front doors. Please exercise discernment when deciding if your student can walk home alone. If you are a part of a walking bus (a group of parents and students walking together) please indicate so on your dismissal plan form.


● Any color, any pattern
● Shirts must have a sleeve (no cold shoulders), no tanks, no spaghetti straps


● Any color, any pattern
● Shorts/dresses must be mid-thigh or longer
● Leggings/tights may be worn under skirts/shorts, but may not be worn as


● Can be any color, but must be rubber-soled, flat, and have at least a strap
behind the ankle.
● Flip-flops, thonged sandals, athletic sandals or slides, clogs (including
Crocs™), mules, , or any similarly styled shoe is inappropriate due to safety
● Shoes may not light up or emit sound.


General Appearance:
● No ripped or torn clothing
● No hats or hoods inside
● No distracting accessories (Blinking lights, themed headbands, etc., purses
with trinkets ...)


Book bags
Students should bring a backpack/book bag or tote bag daily. They may be made of
any material and do not need to be mesh or clear.


Purses may only be carried to the restroom in grades 3 and up. They must otherwise
be stowed away with backpacks during the day.


Our lunches are prepared and served by SCCPSS. 


Add money to your student's account - Please note that it can take 24 hours for money to post to your student's account. 


SCCPSS's policy for students with insufficient lunch accounts

Once the student's account is exhausted, the Point of Sale Operator is required to offer the alternate meal to each Full-Price paying students and those students qualifying for Reduced-Price meals without adequate funds to cover the cost of the meal. The alternate meal will consist of Two (2) ounces of Meal/Meat Alternate on Two (2) slices of Whole Wheat Bread served with One (1) carton of Unflavored Skim Milk and One-half (1/2) cup of fruit.


In order to minimize social class distinction birthday parties on campus are not allowed. However, if you would like to send in a modest class snack to be consumed at snack time for your student’s birthday you may do so. However, we strongly recommend purchasing a book for the class instead of edible treats.



All visitors to the school, without exception, must sign in at the main office on every visit, regardless of the reason. Employees are mandated to require visitors show a Visitor’s Sticker with the current date on it before conducting any business with them, including releasing a child. While on campus, please be prepared to show ID if asked at any time. Unless s/he has been vetted by the school and passed a background check, no volunteer may be alone with children at the school.


Additionally, while we welcome communication and collaboration with our community partners, it is also important that these times are scheduled in order to provide a maximum benefit to our students and prevent disruptions to the school day.  Parents and visitors must provide  ample notice to the teacher if you wish to visit the classroom. Unexpected visitors will



SKTCS values and appreciates the time and efforts of our volunteers and their desire to serve the school and its students.

Before you volunteer at SKTCS you must :
1. Volunteers must attend the annual school-wide Volunteer Orientation each year before they can volunteer.
2. Volunteer to assist with a single subject (e,g. - Math) or an event (e.g. - Halloween Party).
3. Volunteers should remain with the class/teacher they are working with that day.

If you are interested in volunteering at SKTCS, please contact volunteer@sktcs.org


Drug and Tobacco-free Campus

In keeping with the School’s intent to provide a safe and healthy environment students, staff members, and school visitors are prohibited from using any tobacco product - including e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco – and/or illegal drug (including prescription drugs) on campus at any time. Including, but not exclusive to any building, facility, vehicle, event owned, leased, rented, chartered, or operated by a student, parent, or employee of SKTCS at any school-sponsored or school-related event on- or off-campus.