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Susie King Taylor Community School Field Day a Success

Updated: May 28, 2019

Inaugural Field Day event made possible with parent and community support.

On May 14th, 2019, More than 200 K - 5 students from Susie King Taylor Community School (SKTCS) took over Forsyth Park to hold their first ever Field Day event.

The place-based school immerses its students in local heritage, culture and landscapes and has used opportunities, like Field Day, to promote a foundation of study.

Dr. Latrisha Chattin, director of the school, stressed events like this help with placed-based learning.

During the daylong event, the students participated in array of activities, including parachute tag, bucket brigade and water balloon toss, to promote the school’s mission of teamwork and problem-solving.

The highlight for many students came when they cheered on their teacher during the all-staff tug-of-war game. Teachers from grades 3-5 were quickly crowned the victors.

SKTCS students held a sense of pride in their school and accomplishments during the successful event.

The staff, parents and community partners were instrumental in the success of the inaugural event.

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