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Black History Themed Door Decorations

If you’ve walked the halls of SKTCS this month, you’ve seen the classroom doors decorated in celebration of Black History Month. Many historic figures are celebrated. Some are well known and others less so, but all have noteworthy histories.

One of our first grade classrooms features Ruby Bridges: We are brave like Ruby. This is a relatable choice for this class, as Ruby was in first grade when she became the first African American student to integrate an elementary school in the South:

This door celebrates the iconic and inspirational singer and actress, Whitney Houston. She had one of the most memorable voices, and is cited as the most awarded female artist of all time by Guinness World Records. She remains one of the best-selling music artists of all time with 200 million records sold worldwide:

Students in this class each created their own drawing inspired by a significant person in black history. We see Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, Wilma Rudolf, Muhammed Ali, Rosa Parks, and our school’s namesake Susie King Taylor.

Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Harriet Tubman:

Wilma Rudolph:

Muhammed Ali:

Rosa Parks:

This class of kindergartners found inspiration in Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech, "I have a dream".

Do you think of cowboys when you hear Black History month? If not, you will now! This door features several African American cowboys. Each of them was either born into slavery, or born to newly freed slaves. They lived at a time when anti-black racism and discrimination were widespread, yet they each went on to create successful careers for themselves.

Nat Love:

Matthew “Bones” Hooks:

Bill Pickett:

John Ware:

This door features Yaa Asanteweaa, an Ashanti queen that lived in what is now present-day Ghana. She is revered for empowering her people to fight for independence. Read her story here:

These door decorating projects have been a fun way to engage students in black history month. They have learned about important people in black history as they did research for their own door, and as they have walked past other class doors in the hallway. We hope these creative endeavors have inspired the students as community stewards, and have further strengthened their understanding of unity in diversity.

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