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Busy December!

December was a busy and fun month for everyone at SKTCS. Classes went on field trips to see The Nutcracker, Musical Explorers, and go ice skating! Our students enjoyed dressing up in holiday attire, and each class hosted a holiday party. We also enjoyed our annual Winter Concert.

Thank you to Mr. D for another fun-filled performance this year! Our music teacher, Mr. D teaches the students classic music components throughout the year, and often students work on composing their own music. For the winter concert, Mr. D amps up the fun and the students love it! Each student at SKTCS gets up on stage during the Winter Concert to sing with his or her class. We also had songs performed by Mr. D’s choral group. Mr. Aiken’s dance team showcased their moves, and art teacher Mrs. Mravec had all the holiday art from our students on display. Last, but not least, our very own SKTCS teachers sang “Let is Snow” for us!

This season, Mrs. Mravec had the students make art to coordinate with the song each class sang for the Winter Concert. Kindergarten made snow globe necklaces. First & Second grade made leaves for their tropical Christmas trees. Third & Forth grade made paper chain necklaces for their rock & roll song. Fifth & Sixth grade did graffiti art inspired by Keith Haring.

On the last day of school before the winter break, students joined in a school-wide field trip to the ice-skating rink.

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