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Kindergarten Hatches Baby Chicks

This fall, our Kindergarten classes had the wonderful opportunity of caring for a brood of baby chicks. They started with incubating the eggs, watching them hatch, and then nurturing them for their early weeks of life.

Ms. Heather and Ms. Daria used this as a hands-on opportunity to connect the experience of hatching baby chicks to science lessons for our kindergarten students.

Students shared the responsibilities of caring for the eggs and hatched chicks. These included:

· Adding water to the incubator to maintain the correct level of humidity.

· Observing and recording data on the eggs (such as making predictions as to when the eggs will hatch, and which will hatch first).

· Drawing what they observed when they candled the eggs.

· Observing the newly hatched baby chicks and recording their attributes.

· Measuring growth and recording change of chicks over time after hatching, observing how they look like like their parent.

As they cared for the eggs and baby chicks, our young scientists set out to obtain information on how animals can be grouped according to their features. In order to gather evidence of this, the students asked questions and recorded observations on how to identify similarities and differences of offspring to their parents and other members of the species. The students then evaluated the information they had gathered and reported their discoveries.

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