SKTCS Welcomes Mr. Todd Pipkin!!

Good afternoon Parents, Guardians, and Students,

I pray that you have had a safe and enjoyable summer!

I want to first thank the board, staff, and parents for selecting me to be the Interim School Director. I feel honored and humble to represent Susie King Taylor Community School.

I am excited to meet all parents, guardians, and students for the 2022/23 school year. We have been working hard this summer to ensure our school year will be a fun, safe, productive and great learning environment.

There are several areas that I will be strategically focused on:

1. Our school Charter renewal

2. Building a collaborative and value-driven work culture

3. Establishing parent, student, and staff Advisory Boards

4. Improving our academic rigor and developing innovative learning methods

5. Infusing Social Justice curricula into all grade levels

6. Launching our Parent Universities

7. Developing a comprehensive Community Engagement Plan

8. Exploring facility options for our Middle School

9. Refining our website and social media content for branding purposes

I am thrilled about our team and where our school is headed. I can feel the excitement from staff, students, and parents about returning to school.

Our theme this year is “Believe”:

Believe you can achieve, Believe that you will, Believe that it will happen; just Believe!

Please enjoy your summer and stay safe!

Mr. Todd Pipkin

Interim School Director

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