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The Aviary holds the first 2022/23 meeting!

The Aviary mission: The Aviary exists to cultivate a greater sense of belonging for parents, teachers and staff, students, and the community at large. Our efforts seek to enrich the SKTCS experience through support and advocacy for the whole child.

Last week, parents, teachers, and volunteers gathered and held the first Aviary interest meeting

for the 2022/2023 school year. The Aviary group discussed the mission and goals for the 2022-2023 school year. The group brainstormed creative ideas on how The Aviary can best serve our SKTCS community through a survey. The team asked questions like "What day of the week do you prefer for meetings?" , "Do you have a preference for PTA or PTO?", "What events and fundraisers would you like to see return?" & "If anyone had new event ideas, etc." (This survey can be completed by clicking the link below by anyone who couldn’t make it.)

The Aviary leaders created a parking lot b

oard activity where attendees were able to write their thoughts, suggestions and/or ideas on a sticky note and “park their thoughts” on the board for us to discuss at our October meeting.

The history of The Aviary was explained and the hopes the leaders have for moving forward, collaborating with everyone bringing all of our resources and connections together to form a powerful support system for our SKTCS community.

The meeting ended with closing remarks from our Director, Mr. Pipkin and a brief open floor Q & A with our Administrative staff, Dr. Medina, Ms. Q & Mr. Pipkin.

The Avairy is using Band to post all communications and to keep in touch with everyone interested in being apart of or helping the Aviary in any way. You can join the group by clicking this link:

(It’s best to download the Band app)

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