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Student Technology Use Policy

Personal Technology Use Policy


1) All personal, portable technology, including but not limited to, cameras, cell phones, music devices, and video game devices, will remain turned off and inside of backpacks while at school (including Y-Base).

2) The Internet will be used for educational purposes only. It may not be used to:


a) Give out personal information, including but not limited to, name, home or school address, phone number, credit card numbers, Social Security information, et cetera;

b) Conduct financial transactions, such as purchasing items or giving money to other entities;
c) Meet someone online or develop personal, non-school-related relationships;
d) Conduct non-educational communication, including, but not limited to, personal email, instant messaging, chat rooms, MySpace or Facebook pages, et cetera
e) Play Internet computer games or visit Youtube unless they are for educational purposes proposed by a teacher; or
f) Visit inappropriate websites.


3) Ethical standards of the community will be followed at all times. Students should immediately report to school personnel if they encounter a person or a site online which attempts to meet them outside of school, asks for personal information, is aggressive, or makes them feel uncomfortable for any reason.

4) All research information found on the Internet will be properly cited or credited. Plagiarism is a serious violation of school policy.

5) All student activity on any technology used at SKTCS can and may be monitored and/or reviewed by an adult.

6) All technology at SKTCS will be used in a responsible, respectful manner. Students will bring any questions or concerns about appropriate use to an adult.


Use of Student Learning Device
Susie King Taylor Community School is providing students with a learning device to support the continuation of teaching and learning through online software and Internet resources.

Student’s/Parent’s Responsibilities:

  • The Learning Device is provided for the student only. Student ID and password is required to access the device.

  • The student is required to practice good digital citizenship and adhere to the attached Student Technology Agreement

  • Student/Parent agrees to use the device for learning during the period of assignment, protect the device, maintain it, and promptly return the device (including power cable) when requested.

  • The Learning Device will remain checked out to the student until it is returned to the issuing school. This means that the record will follow the student until the equipment has been returned in the same condition that it is issued (reasonable wear is expected).

  • If a student has borrowed technology from the school they are expected to participate fully in the online curriculum or arrange immediate pick-up of the device. 

  • If the device is stolen, you are required to file a police report and notify the school.

  • If the device is lost, stolen, or damaged, you are responsible for repairs or replacement (current retail value is about $250.00/device).



Below are policies that will regulate our use of the Internet and computer at home:

1. Refrain from having food or drinks when using the computers.
2. Unless assigned, games, Facebook, Internet Games, YouTube, chat rooms, Instant Messengers, Blog Websites, Fantasy Football/Basketball, Instagram, Snapchat, taking pictures, making videos, etc are NOT
3. No installing software onto the computers.

4. No “Hacking,” accessing unauthorized files, or using the network in any way other than that intended.
5. Students will be held responsible for the condition of the computer. Any damages presumed above normal wear and tear will be financially assessed to the students’ family.
6. Students MUST sign in with their district assigned username and password and be sure to NEVER give the password to anyone.
7. Do not touch the screen.
8. Computers should always be placed on a flat surface. Never on the ground.
9. Do not carry computers by their lids or tops. Computers should be closed when being transported.
10.Do not change their desktop, screensaver, or settings on your device.
11. Do not save anything to the desktop of harddrive of the computer.
12.All technology should be properly turned off, put away safely and charged each night.


The use of the Internet or technology for profit, to send personal email, to surf inappropriate websites (as defined by the commonly shared standards of the school community), to offend or harass others, or for plagiarism may result in loss of privileges, suspension, or expulsion, depending on the seriousness of
the situation.






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