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All visitors to the school, without exception, must sign in at the main office on every visit, regardless of the reason. Employees are mandated to require visitors to show a Visitor’s Sticker with the current date on it before conducting any business with them, including releasing a child. While on campus, please be prepared to show ID if asked at any time. Unless s/he has been vetted by the school and passed a background check, no volunteer may be alone with children at the school.

Additionally, while we welcome communication and collaboration with our community partners, it is also important that these times are scheduled in order to provide a maximum benefit to our students and prevent disruptions to the school day. Parents and visitors must provide ample notice to the teacher if you wish to visit the classroom. Unexpected visitors will not be able to visit the classroom and will be encouraged to make an appointment.

SKTCS values and appreciates the time and efforts of our volunteers and their desire to serve the school and its students.


Before you volunteer at SKTCS you must:
1. Volunteers must attend the annual school-wide Volunteer Orientation each year before they can volunteer.
2. Volunteer to assist with a single subject (e,g. - Math) or an event (e.g. - Halloween Party).
3. Volunteers should remain with the class/teacher they are working with that day.

Volunteers Should NOT:
1. Be in any classroom outside of the agreed upon subject/event they signed up to volunteer for.
2. Deliver academic content or conduct formal testing of students. However, volunteers may occupy the whole class, while the teacher or paraprofessional conducts assessments with individual students.
3. Enter the Teacher’s Lounge, Exceptional Students’ Suite(s), or main office without permission from the School Director and/or front office.
4. Be given any confidential information about students’ behavior or academics (including reading levels, Tiers, etc.)

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