A Tuition-Free Public  K - 8 Charter School


Empowering students to develop critical thinking, use their creativity,

discover what they love, master what they learn, and apply what they know to the challenges that matter to them.

Student Pledge


Susie King Taylor students are FREE. We are:

Focused – We can do anything we put our minds to.

Responsible & Respectful – We take care of our surroundings and each other through our words and actions.

Empathic – We are a family and everyone’s feelings are important.

Empowered – We are unstoppable and powerful beyond measure.


Our futures are brighter when we stick together.

Our Mission


A community, not just a school. We seek to cultivate a vibrant, academically challenging learning community that celebrates each individual's gifts and instills in students a sense of stewardship as members of the Savannah community and as citizens of the world. 


Our Vision


We hope to foster compassionate, curious, creative, and confident global citizens who are stewards of truth-seeking, simplicity, integrity, community, and equal respect for all. 


A School that Mirrors our Community


We feel that a multicultural and socioeconomically diverse school community creates an enriched learning environment through the exploration, understanding, and appreciation of differences..