Our Mission


A community, not just a school.


We seek to cultivate a vibrant, academically challenging learning community that celebrates each individual's gifts and instills in students a sense of stewardship as members of the Savannah community and as citizens of the world.

Our Vision
We hope to foster compassionate, curious, creative, and confident global citizens who are stewards of truth-seeking, simplicity, integrity, community, and equal respect for all. 

A School that Mirrors Our Community
We feel that a multicultural and socioeconomically diverse school community creates an enriched learning environment through the exploration, understanding, and appreciation of differences.

Our Story

A concerned group of parents and community members came together in the spring of 2015 to rethink how education can serve youth in our Savannah community. We started with two questions:


“What is the purpose of school?”

“How can schools help develop healthy, engaged citizens with a sense of purpose and belonging?"


From those discussions, we discovered a common desire for an educational offering that focused on teaching students the life skills needed to be exemplary citizens, specifically in these areas: resolving conflict peacefully; becoming critical thinkers in an ever-changing economic, political, and environmental landscape; developing into community leaders for the present and the future.